As of today, I am completely satisfied with this webpage and my daily blog. Getting to this point took approximately 6 weeks. I like the look of the page , the length and style of the blog, I am happy with my affiliate marketing partners and I am very happy (and thankful) for the traffic.

The traffic being all of you who read this blog. The fact that the banner and text link ads are getting impressions means people are visiting the site. People visiting the sites means my efforts to drive traffic to the sites are working. I consider it a success. Now the job is to steadily increase traffic and sales.

The site has not created income to this point, but it is also has not cost me a dime to operate other than the electricity to run my PC and my time. I will continue to update the blog daily and review as many home based business opportunities as I can. Like I stated yesterday, I fully believe I will see income from my affiliate marketing efforts yet this quarter.

So, instead of talking about this blog everyday I will start to share the other sites progress. But, before I do that I want to share some of the changes and tips I learned in the last 6 weeks.

First of all, If you want to start a home based online business using no start up capitol, you need start by working online. Sign up with Amazon M-Turk and a good survey provider or two like MySurvey or Vindale Research and start getting paid for working online. The extra $20-$30 a month will pay for business cards or any monthly fees you have accuired.

This should provide you with plenty of income to get the ball rolling. Take advantage of free services. Google, Yahoo, Yola, Blogger all are excellent places to get these free resources.

You can even practice blogging at Squidoo and get critiques and tips from other bloggers. One of the best tips was to use smaller paragraphs or modules when writing a blog. Here is a paragraph from my second blog at Blogger.

Hello again,

  I spent some time last night going through the sites where I am registered to earn money viewing e-mails ads. The first thing I realized was, I do not like the "sales pitch" in general. Having spent a number of years in manufacturing I have heard "the pitch" a thousand times! Be it from supervisors looking for more resources to foreman trying to get parts or processes approved. "The pitch" always comes with quantifiers, all the reasons the part or process isn't perfect and never will be.
  Most of the ads I reviewed were merely a re-hash of the same tired cliches. It's like they are not even trying a full 50% of the time, just throw some text into the template and sit back and let the money roll in! They give little to no reason to even view the entire page. And the cars and women, come on ladies and gentleman, haven't we moved past using these two things to portray  happiness. It's getting insulting. I can see why some people are buying up these sites, re-working them and "flipping" them, they must be totally useless to the people who purchased them. Just because anyone "can build a website of their own" doesn't mean they should.  More on that later, it is something I am going to pursue later this month.

Notice how everything is bunched together, bland and difficult to read. Even though it has a few keywords, it is not optimized.

This is from a blog I posted last week.

I want the reader comfortable as they read. I also want the reader to come back. So I have an RSS link (Really Simple Syndication) so you don’t have to go to the site every day, it comes to you. I know in my case, if I have to “work for” or wait to view a website, I am moving on.

If you keep these things in the foreground, you can save yourself some time. Of course a blog based site is not your only option. Though, I think it is a very good solid option.

I also have a forum style site. This is a site designed to allow musicians to post questions and comments about musical equipment. It is in fact another “Tool” I am using for affiliate marketing. I use the site to post advertising for my affiliate partners. I chose the affiliate partners specifically aimed at the musician demographic (a specific group of customers). Visit the site and you can review this option.

Nice short modules, space between the modules and lots of keywords (I still higlight them for your benefit). These tips and many more I will share are secrets the System Sellers don't want you to know.

For the most part the System Sellers don't want to see you again after you have paid for the system unless you signed on to pay a monthly fee then they want to hear from you once a month. The sad fact is 80% of them don't have anything to sell. They are just sending you to another site and getting an advertising or referral fee.

The best example I ever saw was during my first year of community college. The local paper had a classified ad which stated; Send me $5 and I will send you a fool proof way to make money at home.

Since I was a fool at the time, I sent him 5 bucks (which is like 30 bucks today) and he sent me a letter.

The letter stated I should place a classified ad in the local newspaper telling people to; Send me $5 and I will send you a fool proof way to make money at home. And they should do the same. He sold me a system.

I am pretty sure in constituted mail fraud and didn't get invovled, but getting someone to send you $5 and all it cost you is a piece of paper, an envelope and a stamp is a great scam.

Next time I will discuss how to identify a scam.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR Forum to post questions or request a review of a site or, you can e-mail me directly at ewahr2011@