My morning consists of: getting up at 7:00am, waking my son ( although lately he has been up be for me) and getting him off to school. I then come home grab a cup of coffee and sit down with my laptop. I check my emails and start to “work” my income streams.

One stream that is really working out nicely is They are not taking member referrals at this time (so no referral money for me), but I would still encourage you to give them a try. I registered and they sent me a survey the same day. I finished the survey and was awarded 5 points. Easy enough.

They started out sending me a survey every few days some longer than others, they ranged from 5 points to 150 points. The more I completed the more they sent, some took 2 minutes some took a half hour. It wasn’t long before I had over 1,000 points. At 1100 points you can cash out for a $10.00 e-certificate from Amazon or PayPal. I cashed out the 1100 points and within the minute I received the e-certificate for a $10.00 Amazon Gift card.

Since that time the surveys have started to come one or more per day. Some surveys have been worth 400 points or more. I took 4 surveys and earned 1260 points. This took maybe an hour total. When I finished one of the surveys I was sent to a page offering me a chance to participate in a snack food study at my home. I will be provided with a palm pilot to collect snack food data over a 2 week period. I will also have to take an exit survey.

This study will be no cost to me, they will ship the palm pilot and pay for its’ return. The compensation is $55.00 for completion. I was very surprised by this offer. I signed on right away. I will be getting the equipment next week.  The dates for arrival and the study times are very specific. I see this as a positive sign.

I started this project 3 weeks ago. I have brought in over $50.00. This next home study will bring the total up to $105.00. I have not spent a single dime to earn this money. I have done it all from my easy chair, with my laptop, while watching basketball.  Sweeet!!!!  I am still not bringing in the kind of money I need and it is not a very stable stream. But, they are all positive streams that take very little maintenance. I intend to keep these streams of income flowing. I can take care of all of them in a half hour or so each day.

The next site I wanted to review was ClixSense, but their site is going through some sort of change over. I will check back tomorrow. Til’ then,