For those just joining this blog I want to lay-out a simpler plan than I used, to start making money with no start up capitol. Since I was going into this project with little experience I ended up going down roads that lead nowhere. Hopefully this will save you some trips.

Step One: If you need cash right away (yes, you can start today) register with Amazon Mechanical Turk (the hyperlinks in this blog will lead you to the registration page). If you have decent typing skills or are multi-lingual M-Turk has many small tasks for you to perform.

Of all the hits at M-Turk, transcription and translation pay the most per hit completed. Even with only point and click skills money can be made with M-Turk. Here is a link to my review of M-Turk. The review has a link to Work at Home No’s very complete review of M-Turk and how they operate.

Step Two: Register with at least one purely survey provider. I recommend MySurvey.  Of all the different survey providers I have tried, MySurvey gives you the best user experience. Unlike some other sites MySurvey pays you (in points which you can turn into cash) for every single survey you take and provides you with points earned data immediately.

Some of the providers will take you 3 or 4 minutes into a survey and then disqualify you. Since data isn’t shown in real time you have no idea if you were credited anything. MySurvey pays a minimum of 5 points for every survey you start.

Step 3: Is an optional step. It is in fact a good way to create substantial additional income. Fushion Cash offers surveys but their main business is providing trial offers from advertisers. Where surveys pay nickels, trial offers pay folding money.

If you have great attention to detail, will take the time to read the fine print and will follow through on canceling trial offers when they end, this type of provider may be for you. If you do not, stay away. You will end up paying for services or products you don’t want or need.

The other issue is most offers are one time deals. The upside is many, like a trial offer from Direct TV pay hundreds of dollars per transaction.

Step Four: Choose a web page topic. Be it a blog, a forum or a direct sales website or something in between, if you plan to try internet marketing you need a product or products. Choosing a blog topic.

Step Five: Build a free website. This step is for building some longer term facets of your home based business. The goal of this project is to create a long term part-time income. This will be done using no start up capitol. Any opportunity to access free in formation or web presence should be exploited.

Exploited meaning you should take full advantage of free services. Many of the sites I have visited or used treat free members in the same fashion as paying customers. Some don’t.

Step Six: Develop affiliate marketing partnerships or open an Amazon aStore. You will want to market (advertise) a product of service at your website. Remember you are offering a free membership to your website, you need to market a product or service to create income.

Commission Junction and ClickBank offer access to affiliate marketing partners that will work with even the newest internet entrepreneur. Make sure you choose affiliate marketing partners that are relevant to your website. If you are hosting a knitting blog, don’t advertise shotguns. Remember the rule, If it doesn’t add value to the process, don’t do it.

If you have time and want more than one stream of income take the time to look at the tried and true low start-up cost home based business opportunities. Companies like Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Mary Kay and PartyLite all offer name brand products with years of experience in the field.

Avon has the lowest start-up cost and offers a strong marketing program for beginners. Just like McDonalds they offer products and service people can depend on no matter where the buy the product.  The also offer a credit line for buying product. Once you pay the initial $20 you should have no out of pocket expense.

Like McDonalds, you have to follow the rules and procedures Avon provides to be a true success. Companies like Avon and McDonalds spend a huge amount of money on research, marketing and training tools for representatives. They know what works. They are experts in their respective fields. Exploit that knowledge.

If you are marketing your own product line by all means think outside the box. If you would rather be safely inside the box, try a program that is proven. Follow the training and tips offered and you will have some measure of success. In this type of opportunity you write your own paycheck. All the marketing work has been completed you simply let people know you are a representative.

All these companies require very little real sales effort on your part. Buyers of these brand names know the products. They will buy based on past experience. You give those customers a catalog and let it do its work. I will discuss the other companies more in my next blog.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR forum to post questions or request a review of a site. You can also email me directly at