So, here we are about a week into the blog and a couple of weeks into the actual work. I am still working on the next steps in affiliate marketing. Not much to share on that end today. Please do look around the whole page. I did add more advertising, the ads are from Amazon Affiliates and pay an advertising fee for each item purchased in a one month time period. The first month it pays 4% until you reach seven sales, The percentage then moves to a structured pay scale.

Amazon Affiliates also offers an online store that is free of charge to members. Mine is called Poppy's Guitar Zone. The banner is at the top of the page. The same things goes for sales from this store. You receive an advertising fee for all sales from the site. I chose a store were I choose the products listed. Being a musician, I chose the guitar store type "aStore". Of course, all the products are sold through Amazon. The difference with this type of e-store is the pricing, shipping cost and selection. You would never be able to carry anywhere near the inventory available here. I tried this e-store type thing with SMC. They sell low quality merchandise, the shipping was outrageous and the selection was limited at best. Amazon has really great pricing, outstanding selection and have a solid reputation.

People can buy anything Amazon offers from your site. I intend to direct my friends and family to my aStore for purchases they would have made anyway at Amazon. I know, I personally make purchases 3-6 times per year. Music accessories can be very reasonable, I purchase all my drum sticks and drum accessories through Amazon. Again, we are not talking about this stuff bringing in long term residual income. But, we are getting closer. I now have a site ( albeit a freebie that is getting very little traffic ), that is poised to make money 24/7.

I also wanted give you a list of PPC/ ad watching and /or survey sites you can probably stay away from, if you don't want to lay out any money.  Like I said, I found a website that offer real work at home jobs. The site owner actually tried the sites he recommened. He makes no promises, and really lays each one out, with pros and cons of each. So, I picked a few and registered to start making money. I tried to pick sites that had more pros than cons.

Number one: Vindale Research, they offer me links to surveys daily, half of them require a credit card and trial offers the other half promises $10.50 for 10 short surveys. But, every time I start the surveys they say I am not qualified or the don't have any surveys for my demographic. I never get paid for any of these partial surveys.It has been more of a waste of time than anything for me. My balance is $10.30 after 2 weeks and $10.00 was a sign on bonus.

Number 2: Fusion Cash, they offer links to special offers from advertisers. Some pay pennies some pay 100's of dollars. Most ads are trial offers and limited time offers. The high paying ads require a credit card and trial offer. This can still be profitable if you are good at keeping records ( you must cancel before your credit card is charged etc. ) and can wait the trial period for payment. I got paid $9.00 in 2 weeks, $5.00 being a sign on bonus. After the first few ads, they don't offer much variety.

Number three: You Data. This site is a little different, at this site you simply are paid to watch internet advertising. They have you click on a link they provide, you watch the ad for a 30 seconds, you get paid. With this site payment varies. It goes from a couple of cents to 6 or 8 cents an ad. The con is they don't offer links everyday. The pro is they pay out monthly no matter how little they owe you. They paid me the $1.20 I earned in a week, to my PayPal account today.

Don't feel like you need to defend any of these sites, they all deliver exactly what they offer. It is up to you how to take advantage of that offer. They just didn't work well for my application. My next post will have my favorites, the ones I use daily and will continue to use, and affiliate links to those sites.