Today, I want to discuss some other non-web-based opportunities. I am sure by now you think Avon and Amazon (both M-turk and aStores) are sponsoring this site. Not true, I just have found great value in the programs they offer.

If you are ready to change your lifestyle consider Amway. Amway offers exceptional training. They have a high quality product line and a solid MLM system. They have been doing this since the early sixties. The caveat is you have to completely sell-out to the program. If you do, they can help you become very successful.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend an Amway rally, do it. They are something to see. The start-up fee is low for this type of business (it used to be $65.00) and you receive a lot of tools (including product) and information. But the investing doesn’t end there. Rallies, motivational cds and dvds, local meetings, driving, meeting people and selling are all part of the program.

I am a firm believer in Amway and have been so for years. I know people who have become very successful with Amway. It works if you and your entire family can commit to the program.

Tupperware is another child of the sixties. We have cups and containers from Tupperware we have used for years. The products are known worldwide. I just read an article stating Tupperware is doing extremely well in Asia. Like Amway, they have a solid, well known product line. They also offer a lifetime money back guarantee.

Tupperware requires direct sales to be truly effective and profitable. The Tupperware party is the key to profits. I have seen people market Tupperware from a kiosk at the mall or a stall at the flea market. I am sure you can have a Tupperware website if you like. I believe the start-up fee is around $100. I also believe you receive about twice that cost in actual products to use as selling tools.

My wife and I love candles. My wife was first introduced to PartyLite in the late 90’s. A friend had a candle party, this was completely new at the time and before Yankee Candle was everywhere. She brought home a tart warmer and some tarts. We were sold right away. Although we didn’t get involved we looked into the program. They have a unique way to become a consultant. If you like candles and parties check them out.

PartyLite isn’t quite so gender biased. Avon and Tupperware are marketed mainly to women. But, keep in mind they will not deny your entry based on gender. Most of the good YouTube videos about Avon are hosted by men telling you how they have added Avon to their online business. It was my idea to add Avon to our online business.

With Tupperware being the exception, I think most of the “Party type” sales opportunities are used to create extra income rather than long term income.  If you get part-time income from one think what you can do representing more than one.

Mary Kay is a genre of its own. High end make-up supplies are not my field of expertise. All I know for sure is I still see pink cars with the Mary Kay logo on the trunk. I remember back in my home town (in the 70’s), a lady who drove a pink Mary Kay Cadillac. I have not however, met anyone who stayed in Mary Kay for more than a few months.

From what I have heard, the program is very strict and has high expectations for its representatives. I am sure that is why they are so successful.

Having been in manufacturing a long time, I am used to nay-sayers. You know the type, even though you have been doing the same thing for years (and it works just fine), they have a better way to do it.

Believe this fact; companies like Amway, Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay and many other major manufacturers spend billions of dollars a year streamlining and making there process better.

If you get involved with these types of programs, do what they suggest you do. Their suggestions are based on years of trial and error research and data collection. They are experts, take their advice. I am sure you have heard it before, but their success is directly related to their representative’s success.

All these companies would be long gone if they were any sort of scam. People fail in these programs because they either don follow the rules or expect the program to work by itself. Your success in these programs (or any other program) is based on the work you are willing to put in.

I hope you see by now there is no (legal) online program, plan or scheme that will make you rich in a month’s time. If there was Warren Buffet would be sitting at home behind his computer. In short, if an opportunity was really that profitable everybody would be involved.

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