I want to take some time today to discuss some of the sites I have been trying out, that are not producing like I would expect.  One of the first thing I noticed with pay per visit/view sites is, the more you actually watch in a timely manner (watched and submitted, the same day they are received), the more ads they send to you. 

Some of the sites are truly free, others give you the “option to upgrade” attached to either a monthly or yearly fees.  The problem I have with the upgrade is, the fact that I haven’t been able to make enough money from those sites to warrant the upgrade cost.  

Other sites, like ClixSense offers you a browser toolbar to use at no cost. If you install the toolbar you get ads daily. I have been getting 5-10 ads per day since installing the toolbar. You also get rewards for using their search engine.

ClixSense allows you to exchange viewing credits to advertising credits. Neobux (also a  PPV site) pays cash. The cool thing about ClicSense and Neobux is you don’t have to actually view the ads. You just have to open the link and leave open for 5-30 seconds. Which is cool, because most of the ads are useless. They both pay either $.001 per 30 second advertisement to a fraction of a cent for a 5 second view. They both have countdown timers, so you aren’t wasting time between ads.

The issue is at 5 or 6 cents a day, the cash doesn’t pile up very quickly. If you check yesterday’s blog I discussed advertising credits. I continue to use these daily and will for a couple of months .At that time I will re-evaluate their actual worth. Next, we will talk about survey sites. 

I had used a couple of survey sites in the past and had very little success, I didn’t make a dime. I did however find a site that not only pays, it does so quickly. My Survey.com is my favorite, it started out slow, but took off very quickly. Good surveys that work most all the time, and you receive almost instant credit for your work. And you can change points earned into cash $10 at a time. I made $20 in three weeks, using approx. 3 hrs. of my time. That’s about 7 bucks an hour, close to the target wage. Cool.

The only problem is My Survey sets the pace. You are limited to what they offer to you. Vindale Research is my least favorite. It is very quirky, more than half of the time I get emails offering me 10 surveys at $1.50 per survey taken. The problem is I take one or two, then the system kicks me out. I have never been able to complete all ten. So, you never know what you will be paid for and when.  

I was going to pull the plug on them, because I was at $10.30 for about two weeks. Even though, I had tried to complete surveys daily. I received another set of surveys today, the same thing happened. As I checked for the unsubscribe link, I noticed my balance went up to $14.81 since I last checked. I have no idea what I was and wasn’t paid for. The other issue is you can’t cash out until you reach $50.00.

My guess is that most people get frustrated and drop off before they reach the $50.00 mark, that’s how Vindale makes money, by rarely paying out. I will be holding my review of Hits for Pay until I see more from the site. I am getting ads almost daily and the money is adding up slowly. This is another “penny per ad” site. I am up to $11.40 at that site. You can see, even just “monkeying around” with sites generate positive cash flow with no investment on your part.

If all you are looking for is to bring in enough in a month to pay your water bill ( $10-20), these sites can provide that for you. But, like I keep saying, I need to make a whole bunch more than that. So, I’ll keep working and sharing what I find with you. Next time I look at free website offers.