Today’s posting is going to start with a discussion of traffic. In the last week I am seeing traffic double to my sites and increasing at my affiliate’s sites. The best thing about this is the fact is; it is growing organically.

Remember, this is about not spending money. The traffic increase is due to organic factors, rather than the result of me spending a bunch of money on advertising. People are finding the sites through Google and Twitter. I am also seeing hits from Craigslist postings and blog sites like Blog Roll Center . I joined the site and listed my blog and they are doing the rest of the work..

If you search Google for, Eric’s Work at Home Reviews you get this result: . Which is great, if you know the full URL of my web site. But what I need, is to be at the top of the page when someone simply searches for “Work at Home opportunities” or “Work at home online”.  The goal is to reach that point and stay there.

SEO (search engine optimization) is still my weakest link. I am looking for new information and trying new things all the time. It looks as though the things I am learning do make a difference with organic traffic.

All I am seeing from paying for advertisement is 1 or 2 hits for every 100 ads viewed. I have not seen any clicks or sales. I just think the ads are viewed by the wrong audience. I have never believed you can solve an issue by throwing money at it. No matter how inexpensive advertising this way is, I just don’t see it ever being a game changer. You do see an increase in traffic , but it goes away as soon as you stop buying views.

Now, if we look at the numbers so far. Eric’s Work at Home Reviews  has received 2,798 impressions with 20 clicks. Poppy’s Cheap Gear Forum and Reviews has received 1,877 impressions with 72 clicks. Total for the 2 sites:  4,675 impressions with 92 clicks.  

The numbers from the postings at Blogger are lower but still show positive growth. Eric’s Work at Home: Help for the 99ers has seen 466 impressions. 340 impressions in the last month alone. It is seeing about 20 impressions per day. I had planned on not posting at Blogger after 30 days of the new site being up and running, but I think I will keep posting at both as long as the numbers keep increasing. I am very pleased with those numbers. 

In fact I am so pleased with the numbers, I will continue with the project. If we had crossed the 30 day line and not seen that upward trend in growth, I may have thrown in the towel. With these kinds of numbers I will be looking to expand my number of websites very soon.

Ok, review time. Yahoo affiliate program and I am sorry to say I don’t have some ingenious “master plan” for these two affiliates. I chose them simply as a resource for anyone following the blog. I figured I would save you some time and keystrokes trying to find affiliate programs and web hosting.

Both affiliates are huge and highly respected in the industry. You don’t get that spot by cheating and lying to people. You can deal with either of these companies with complete confidence. Both offer numerous products and services at some of the best pricing available. Visit the sites and you will see for yourself. They can answer any questions you may have.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR forum to post questions or request a review of a site. You can also email me directly at