I would like to start out today discussing Numbers. As a Quality Manager, 90% of my day was spent in discussions about numbers. Measurements, quantities, percentages, probabilities and bottom lines were all part of my daily routine. Over the years I learned how easily numbers can be manipulated.

One of the first Quality Assurance rules you learn is: “You can prove anything you want, if you use the right data”. If you want a positive result for a study on the benefits of drinking milk, survey a group of dairy farmers or grocery store owner's. I have seen hundreds of reports covered with numbers that have been “massaged” into specification. Keep this in mind when you are looking at new opportunities.

Yes, it is nice when a site has screen shots of “actual earnings” and loads of statistical data to back up their claims. But, be aware those numbers might not be factual. I have even viewed sites with statistics that show the site isn't making money, yet they post the data regardless.

The other thing I would look out for is Start-ups or Pre-launch type opportunities. Yes, I know they are letting you in on the ground floor and you can only go up. If you are reading my blog you know how much work it takes to develop a profitable website, now consider just how many of these internet marketing plans never get off “the ground”. I am not saying they are all scams, but I would be very careful investing anything more than time.

Now the review of Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-4929398-10582870

I am a firm believer in prepaid debit cards. Especially, if it going to be used to make purchases via the internet.

Truthfully, I someone wants your credit card information it is as easy as walking up next to you. If you have it on your person, they are able to collect information from the magnetic strip using a electronic reader without your knowing. Prepaid debit cards are the only cards I carry.

Companies like Vision Premier makes it easy for anyone to get a prepaid card. The nice thing is now,you don't have to deposit $200-300 into an account. You simply transfer the amount of money you need to the card via electronic transfer from your bank, PayPal account (not all offer this option) or from Western Union Service centers. Most cards allow you to have deposits made directly to the card at no cost to you.

They also offer:

  • No credit check, no debt, no interest, no overdraft fees

  • Free unlimited purchases – signature and PIN

  • Free customer service

  • Free Direct Deposit: Get paychecks, benefits and tax refunds faster

  • Free PayFit Credit Builder – Pay bills and build credit for free

  • Free text and email alerts and online access to track spending

  • Safer than cash if lost or stolen

  • Accepted everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted

That is about as good as it gets from a credit card company. Using a debit card makes transactions easy to track and you can monitor spending. I recommend this site.

This partnership is a little different than the others. Since everyone is approved for a Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card, you are payed for qualified leads. You are paid $6.00 to $7.25 for each lead depending on volume. The more leads you send them the more they pay per lead.

Once again, I am looking to the future. Printed money is dying a quick and agonizing death. More and more employers are moving to debit cards for weekly payroll rather than paper checks. It is the “wave of the future” people, get on board.

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Next time: Yahoo small business http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-5193667-10432567 and Go Daddy! http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-5193667-10378406 .