I would like to take a minute to explain how I construct the content of this blog. You can use these tips with your blog or website.

It starts with the length of each paragraph or “module”. Due to the invention of the television our population has the attention span of a 3 month old puppy. You really need to grab someone’s attention right away. Once you have them you need to make your point quickly. I try to keep each module as short as possible and still complete my thought. This paragraph is a good example, short and to the point.

I am sure you have noticed I tend to review with very “broad strokes”. I do that for a number of reasons. First, I do not want to misrepresent any of the websites I review. It is just as easy for you to visit the site and view the fine details of what they have to offer as for me to post it in the review.

Secondly, as a blog writer you need to keep the content fresh and interesting. Simply regurgitating info from another website isn’t going to keep people coming back. The last reason is; I want to keep the daily blog to less than 2 pages.  Easy for you to read and easy for me write.  I probably spend 30 minutes each day writing and posting the blog.

Today’s review ProCard International  http://www.procardinternational.com/EricM9993 . ProCard International offers discount plan services that saves money on dental/optical/pharmacy services with an optional physician benefit.  And oddly enough they also offer programs to market anti-junk mail services, pizza delivery websites and local merchant discount cards.

With the recent national health care debate and very high unemployment I can see the need for health care discounts. I know in my case, I get an annual check-up and don’t normally see the doctor again that year. Paying a weekly insurance premium makes little sense. Even if my check-up is $200.00 I am still paying in more money that I am getting back.

If I pay cash each time using a substantial discount it makes sense. The other side if the coin is those without insurance. Sadly, there is a large group of people in this country that can’t get insurance coverage of any type. This really benefits a group of people that is growing rapidly.

Sign-up is free. You can start right away to market the program to other potential marketers. You have to upgrade to actually market the discount card and other programs. You can upgrade by paying a one- time fee of $19.95 and another $23.90/month (this includes a website of your own). You are also offered a wide variety of marketing and analytical tools.

The single requirement to become an active associate (I am now a registered associate) is to find one person to purchase the product. This program is really a home based business on its own. You can market it in a variety of different ways.  

ProCard International is not scam. It is a home based business opportunity much like Avon or Tupperware. The difference is you are trying to sell an “intangible”. You are marketing a product the customer cannot see or feel. Even though it is not insurance, the sales angle is the same.

If affiliate marketing and referrals are not your cup of tea, give ProCard International a close look. It offers a lot of different options all in one spot. Less than $30.00 a month including web hosting is pretty cheap to own your own business. If you sell 2 cards a month it pays for itself.

ProCard International is not a get rich quick program. It will take a lot of work to get this program to make money. You will have to maintain it constantly to keep the income flowing.  You will have to work smart to drive traffic to the web site. The payback is not bad. You are paid $15.00 for a sale of a membership card or a referral that joins. And an additional $2.00 per month for each month they stay active. And another $1.00 per month for anyone joining under your referral.

I am marketing ProCard International through banner ads (at this site), postings on Craigslist and e-mail marketing. I see this as something I want to focus in on later this year, after the websites are making money. This program is a lot different than affiliate marketing you could easily put in 8 hours each day marketing this product. But, with hard work you should see a good return. It is worth checking out. http://www.procardinternational.com/EricM9993 .

I know I keep repeating this, but don’t lose site of the fact I am reviewing, using and recommending opportunities with no start up cost. I think one of the things I am learning from this project is; if you don’t have money to invest, you will have to invest the difference in your time. Which, seems like a fair trade to me.

Like always, sign up and follow the blog, use the banners and text links to visit and sign up and start making money. Any questions you may have or sites you would like me to review can be posted at the EWAHR Forum page.


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