Well, spring has finally sprung in southern Wisconsin (it's probably still snowing in Green Bay), so I spent the entire weekend in the yard. Which was a good thing because it gave me time to reflect on the last couple of months.

I started this project and subsequent blog with “guarded optimism”. I knew people have made money with an online business, but I didn't know anyone personally who had great financial success. I know a couple of folks who run forum sites and they have a good following, but they have become “labors of love” rather than income generators.

My expectation of success was very low. Yet, being a 99er in a down economy with a week job market I had to make a genuine effort to get things off the ground. Sadly, even though “the powers that be” claim the job market is better, it is not better in manufacturing.

The only area manufacturers that are hiring are both directly tied to oil prices (one makes semi truck trailers, the other makes large delivery trucks). Now that gasoline is over $4 a gallon ($4.09 today in Janesville) those companies will slow down production and cut back on personnel just like they did the last time gas was over $4 a gallon.

I have also noticed jobs that used to pay $14-$15 an hour at those same companies are now paying $9 per hour. The job market is bleek at best where I live. Working online (if it is profitable) makes sense.

So away I went, no idea how to make it happen, let alone make it profitable (still working on that one) but determined to see if it could be done. I started out by simply reading. I spent about a week just visiting websites and absorbing their content.

Hidden in the millions of websites out there is some very useful information. You just have to sort through all the useless information to find it. Now after 6 modules I get to my point.

The worst obstacle for new comers is the huge amount of “time wasters”. These are the emails, pop-ups, phone calls, spalsh pages and link after link that, in the end offering you nothing of value.

I have an example to share today. Like always, if some one sends me an email with a work at home opportunity I will, out of courtesy visit the link. Most lead to another page of hype and then goes to the page that asks for money. Standard issue, that only takes a minute or so to decline.

Last week I got this email. Email page 1 , Email page 2 It is a little lengthy but take the time to read it and then I will break it down using EWAHR math.

First it starts out with a very bold statement statement the majority of network markteing opportunities are desigened to fail? Then why would I believe this one is any different?

Followed closely by the promise of you doing no work to achieve your goal. No work needed!!

Next comes the math. The numbers First comes the claim that they are breaking records in the industry. What records? What are you using as a benchmark for those claims?

25,000 members since Aug. 2010 (nine months) equals 2777 members per month or 92 members per day. The next claim says it is growing by hundreds each day. No, it has grown by approx. 92 members each day. I can't say this enough, get out a calculator and do the math when people make claims using numbers.

The next paragraph just made me laugh. Too funny It's only $60 to enroll (so far they haven't told you a thing about what they are actually doing or selling), but wait the $60 is to get you on a waiting list. And they give you 3 opportunities to get on the list.

At this point there is still no mention of what exactly they are offering. So, I close up my email and head out to run some errands. While I'm out I get a phone call. It was from the emailer just letting me know that since I showed interest in the program (so far I have no interest) he wanted to call and answer questions and explain the exciting program. I did not return the call.

Since then I have received this email next email it explains that the company has been in business for 8 months (?) and is not “ground floor” but is very close. It is also “the chance of a lifetime”.

Since I find this all rather amusing I decided to visit the website. Page 1 is the usual hype and testimonials nothing new or unexpected. Page 1 The next page you are sent to is the same thing, only this time it shows folks of a different color and women can use the system (I find this offensive) Page 2. Next, we can't forget the single dads. Page 3

Now we are at page 4 (still no mention of what is going on) I almost forgot to mention there is a video on every single page ( all hype). Remember in the email it said to sign up, send $60 and you will be guaranteed a spot! Well now, the chances of you "getting in" are down to 78%, if you watch a webinar. Page 4

So I clicked one more time this is what I found: sign up again!! So,after nearly 20 minutes of reading and watching video you are asked to submit personal information, again. So I did, as soon as I clicked the submit button I was sent here. The pay-off  So after all the hype, video and empty promises the “chance of a lifetime” is selling a natural food supplement that has been around the web for a lot longer than 8 months.

This type of mis-representation of a product or business opportunity is the reason this business is looked upon as a joke. The $60 is not an enrollment fee to get started in the "vitamin business", they are just taking your money and giving you something in return, that you can get for free (the information leading to the opportunity).

Many people get involved with a program like this and lose money and interest very quickly. This is a prime example. They even sent me a application form (in PDF format) to enroll in One24. The form requires tons of personal information and a comes with a $60 fee. No mention of the product (natural supplement) or their program. Stay away from One24!!

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR Forum to post questions or request a review of a site or, you can e-mail me directly at ewahr2011@ yahoo.com