Good news, everyone! Amazon has been rated highest in customer satisfaction. Just one more reason to build a relationship with them. A rating like that, covered on national news will only increase interest in Amazon. So, whether it be using Amazon M-turk or opening an Amazon aStore now is the time to act.

I will be reviewing the Amazon aStore in the next few days. I hope the definitions yesterday helped. I will try to add some home business related content in each days post, not just the reviews. Over the next few days I also want to discuss blogging in general.

Even though this site is a “Blog site” it is only one of many options you have for your website. I also have a “forum site” for musicians. You can also build a site to simply sell products (Amazon aStore, Avon, Tupperware etc.) or services. Or hundreds (maybe thousands) of other subjects and formats.

I chose to try a “Blog” site first. After looking around the web at different blog sites, it was easy to see you don't have to be a writer to post a blog. And the subject matter was endless. There are blogs for every need. What I liked right away was the fact these people had first hand experience (for the most part) with the subject of the blog.

Like I have stated before, I spent a lot of time out on the factory floor. I have also spent hundreds of hours with engineers who were never “on the floor”. There is a lot to be said for practical, hands on experience. Some of the best employees I know, learned everything “on the job”.

I am not saying it's not positive to have some sort of higher education, just do not be discouraged if you don't. You may have skills you haven't even begun to explore.

In high school, I did just enough creative writing to (barely) pass my English classes. Even as a musician writing lyrics comes very hard for me. During my tenure as a Quality Manager I was picked to co-write an ISO-9000 Quality Manual. So began my writing career.

Over the course of two years I co-wrote a 300 page Quality Manual and hundreds of work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOP). Since this blog has a technical aspect to it, the transition to blogging was surprisingly easy.

When trying to chose a blog subject don't limit yourself, you don't need to be the world's leading expert on a given subject. Simply write what you know about that subject. Be sure to ask questions, read and re-read information if you need to and stay focused on your goals (both short and long term).

The best place I have found to practice blogging is Squidoo They do a very good job of helping newbies get started. They offer lots of easy to use tools and motivators. Plus, you can post a blog and ask for feedback from other bloggers. I learned a lot, very quickly by posting at Squidoo a few times. I highly recommend you start there, if you want to explore blogging.

I think I have covered all the affiliates posted at the site. At the very bottom of the banners, I will rotate the last banner everyday or so. I am marketing those affiliates through other means.

The banner today is Graveyard Mall Graveyard Mall offers closeout products at up to 90% discounts off original pricing. They are much like any other close out store. They offer low pricing on discontinued or overstocked products. There are a lot of products to choose from some cool some just plain silly. Commission for sales generated from your sites is 10%.

My intent with this partner is to market through Craigslist and other free posting sites, as well as e-mail marketing. I have only been dabbling with e-mail marketing so far. I bought a small quantity of targeted email addresses and sent out marketing emails.Targeted means they are addresses of people who have previously shown interest in a specific product or service. It's like "shooting fish in a barrel" according to the seller. No, it's not that simple!

I only bought a few hundred names (with money I made at M-Turk) and I did the mailings with out e-mailing software. A significant portion of the addresses were "kicked back" as no longer in use. Probably around 25%. I am not sure if this is the norm or not. I will have to wait and see the next time I buy addresses. I have received quite a few impressions and a couple of clicks but no sales, not yet anyway.

There are a number of free emailing softwares available, as soon as I find one that works I will post a review. It is beautiful in Southern Wisconsin today, so I am going spend sometime outside with my son. Hopefully you can do the same where you are.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR forum to post questions or request a review of a site or you can e-mail me direct at ewahr2011@