Today I will review GetBuxToday  and  EasyHits4U.

 GetBuxToday is one more PPC ad viewing site that also offers advertising options. They have been offering me 3 to 6 ads daily at $.001 each. The payout threshold is $2.00. I have earned $0.48 since starting with them. I signed up to see if it was any different than the other PPC sites. It is not.

Of course, you can upgrade and receive more ads to view blah, blah, blah. I just don’t see this making any more money than any other site of this genre. GetBuxToday is not a scam and is as good as any other PPC site.

The only real difference in these last few sites I have reviewed is how they are formatted. Each one delivers the ads to you in different formats. Some have countdown timers, some notify you that you have ads waiting some don’t and some look more professional than others. Even though the formats vary, the content stays the same.

F.Y.I.  All of these sites require you to sit at your computer and click your mouse, every day for at least 10-15 minutes. Maybe longer, if you are using multiple sites. Be prepared to do that. The other thing is, even though you only have to view the ad for 10-20 seconds, it may take another 30 seconds for the ad to load and start the timer. Most require you verify some sort of code (add a series of numbers, pick a number…) after viewing each ad.  I assume this is a tool to keep out the scammers. It takes at least another 30 seconds to complete the task.

Doing the math: There are 3600 seconds in an hour. If it takes 60 seconds minimum to view an ad and another 30 seconds to pull up the next ad. 3600 divide by 90 equals 40. If you are zooming along, the most you can make is about $0.40 an hour. I spend about 20 minutes a day viewing ads.

EasyHits4U is a PPC ad viewing site with perks. This site is different. It offers 2 different options for viewing ads. You can change viewing credits into advertising credits, they offer unlimited ads to view daily (even as a free member). They also include free programs to build splash pages using Easy Splash Builder (you can build up to 3 for free) and free site rotator programs using Easy Rotator Builder.

I have been using the both the PPC side and the advertising side of this site.  On the PPC side, you can view ads for 15 seconds each and you receive 1 ad credit for every 2 ads viewed. Or, you can view ads for 20 seconds and the tradeoff is 1 to 1. If I am paying attention I can click 40 ads per hour.

Each ad credit I earn, I convert to 1 view of my splash page. 100 credits equals 100 views. You can also purchase views or “hits” for as little as $5.95/1000. I have been receiving approx. 1 visitor for every 100 views of my splash page. As a viewer, I prefer the splash page approach. You can usually glean all the information on a splash page in 10 seconds. Viewing a complete website homepage takes much longer.

And you want to be viewing these ads as quickly as you can. I may visit one unique website, each time I view ads. Like I said before, most ads are just “Bridges to No-where”.

EasyHits4U is not a scam. They offer too many “Bells and Whistles” to list, go to the site and see how you can benefit from their programs. I highly recommend this site for a number of reasons. It is like a “one stop shop” for the newbie. Very easy to use and analyze. They also have some great free tools for you to use.

After viewing ads for about a month, I am seriously considering setting up a new site where I will offer to re-build existing websites. I see way too many “common”, boring template built sites full of spelling and grammatical errors. If you have been following this blog you should have noticed how the site itself has changed since the first day I posted. I am constantly looking for new ways to make the site more appealing and inter-active.

I am steadily searching for more free information, I am currently reading through an internet marketing training program that can be downloaded for free. Well, not exactly free. It starts out by laying out a nice looking program. The program teaches you how to build a long lasting internet marketing business over time. No get rich quick claims.

But, as you read on you start seeing links in the text and the author starts constantly referring you to a website offering an education in internet marketing (not free). Luckily along with the “pitch”, they give out a lot of useful information.

One of the points they make is “People hate banner advertising”. I myself have stated I do not like “pushy” banner advertising. I now consider it a necessary evil. They suggest placing links to sites in the body of the text. People are more likely to follow those links. It makes sense to me. If you notice in the last few blogs I have applied that theory.

I do plan to leave up all the banners. They are there for a reason. To provide you with quality referral and affiliate partners:  That are not a waste of your time.

Like always, sign up and follow the blog, use the banners and text links to visit and sign up and start making money. Any questions you may have or sites you would like me to review can be posted at the EWAHR Forum page. In my next blog I will begin to review my affiliate marketing partners.