For those just joining this blog, I want to re-cap the journey so far. I use the word journey for two reasons. Since it is a journey, I am keeping a daily journal via this blog. And for me it is a journey in its most basic form. I am heading out into a whole new world.  Meeting new people, going new places, learning a new language and way of doing business.  Like the people who went out west for the gold rush, I have no idea what the end result will be. Of course, I am hoping for the best and expecting the worse.

The plan is to develop a home based internet marketing business from my home. It must generate the amount of money as a part-time minimum wage traditional job, to be a success. The basic calculation I am using is $7.00/hr. x 20-30hrs./week=P. P = ( for arguments sake ) $175.00 or $700/month. The business must also be sustainable in this economy. Ideally, this will be accomplished using little to no out of pocket expense.

Since I plan to do this using none of my own money (or anyone else’s), I had to find websites that were willing to payout without any up-front cost.  As I said, I am not completely new to home business opportunities, so I knew enough to start checking Craigslist, the local papers and the web for opportunities. I came across a posting for a company called Cha-Cha. They are like KGB, you text them a question and they text you an answer. It peaked my interest so I went to the website.  They have a very organized unassuming site, that made a few bold statements.  

The first thing I do when I find a “work at home” site is to Google the name and look for sites that call it a scam. What I found was a site called Work at home No It had a one page review of Cha-Cha. What made this site different is the perspective, the review was from an actual user rather than someone blatantly promoting the site. As it turns out the entire site is devoted to offering quality links to actual money making opportunities. All sites are reviewed from the same perspective- a user. Good, bad and ugly he fairly reviews each sites claim. Cool!!

 Since that time I have used a number of sites listed at Work at home No and have had zero bad experiences ( bad experiences =cost me money ). I have tried survey taking for pay, ad watching for pay and Amazon Mechanical Turk. All have given me positive cash flow. I am now working on Article and Affiliate market strategies. That brings us to the page you are looking at. This blog is an effort to begin to understand article and affiliate marketing. I started the blog to have a place to advertise my affiliate marketing partners.

As an affiliate to these partners, I receive an advertising fee for each time someone makes a purchase from an advertiser at my website. Affiliate partnerships are free for the most part at this beginning level. My affiliates at this time are Hits for pay (an ad watching site), AdSense  ( Google ads) and Amazon.  Each one paying me, for traffic and sales at their sites.

Look around the site, you will see the usual banners and ads and links etc. The difference is, I placed the banners and I am creating revenue with them. Since, Blogger is a free site I am still in the black. Any revenue is profit. I also “opened” 2 Amazon “aStores”. This is a free service since you become an Amazon Associate. You can build a webstore using any product Amazon sells or promotes. Once again you receive an advertising fee for any resulting sales. 

To me, the coolest thing with Amazon is their selection and pricing. It is very hard to beat Amazon’s pricing (inc. shipping) anywhere on the web. I am a musician and have been buying drum sticks and music accessories from Amazon for the past few years.  I decided since I am a musician, and have always dreamed of owning a musical instrument store, I would create that type of “aStore”.

My friend Kenny nicknamed me Poppy years ago, so Poppy’s Guitar Zone was born. The banner is at the top of this page. I filled it with stuff I would buy at prices I would pay. Not to leave anyone out, I added a page that leads back to Amazon’s home page. Now, myself and anyone I know, anywhere in the world can use my aStore to make a purchase from Amazon and I will receive an advertising fee. Also Cool!!

You are allowed to have up to 100 aStores per account. So, we decided since my son is a Pokemon buff, we would also open an aStore that features Pokemon products. Luckily Amazon offers hundreds of Pokemon products. Aipom’s Jungle Shop is John’s store. It is in the side banner at the top.

That should get you up to speed. Whew, this is week 3 and it is starting to pick up steam. Two blogs, both with affiliate links, ads to watch, surveys to take and 2 stores up and running. All of this, with no money coming out of my pocket and money going into my accounts. Very, Very Cool!!! Am I rich? Nope. Can I quit my day job (if I had one)? Nope. Am I doing more than I was 3 weeks ago to build a future? Yes!! Am I having fun? Yes (so far)!! Here are a couple of shots from my phone. The first is from Amazon Mechanical Turk showing what I have earned. The second shows that same amount payed out into my Amazon payment account. Bottom line is Amazon pays!!

  My next project will be to direct traffic to the blogs. I will give you the details, as that develops.