Hello, today I will discuss referral banner links. Banners links are not your only choice when it comes to links. I just like a nice small banner with good information. My banners are 468x60. You have a many size and shape choices for banners. You can also use text links (no pictures) or URL links that contain your code ID. The code ID makes sure you are credited with any business from the link.

At the top of the blog page is ClickSense. ClickSense pays you to view internet advertising. You are paid between $0.001 and $0.002 per ad veiwed.  I have earned $0.062 since I started clicking ads for them.  The site is free and you are paid via PayPal. I receive 1-6 ads each day. You can upgrade to a premium membership.

Next we have Hits4pay. Hits4pay also pays you to watch internet ads. The ads are a little longer, 30 to 60 seconds. They pay $.02 per ad. Hits4pay offers a $10.00 sign on bonus. I have made $2.18 plus the $10.00 sign on bonus. Ads do not come daily, but can come 6-8 at a time every other day or so. This site requires tax information be completed prior to payout.

The next banner is from Easyhits4U. This site is a little different. You are still “paid” to click ads, but each ad credits can be traded for an advertising credits. You can “pay” for advertising with these credits through Easyhits4U. The time required to keep each ad open is much shorter. On average, 20 seconds or less. You can easily click through 2-3 ads per minute. That equals 150 to 180 credits an hour. I have an ad campaign for my Go Daddy! affiliate program being advertised at this site.

Fusion Cash is the other side of the ad click coin. At Fusion Cash you are paid not only to review online ads, you are required to participate in their offers. Offers range from basic insurance quotes and magazine subscriptions to satellite dish services trial offers. There are some freebies that pay up to $.50, but the bulk, are offers requiring you use a major credit card and accept a trial offer. If you are good at keeping track of trial offers and don’t mind tying up credit, some of the offers, are very substantial. Like $50.00 for being approved for a Discover card or $100.00 to sign up for Direct TV.

Next we have NeoBux. One more in the long line of “Bux” websites. Those are website with “Bux” as part of their URL. I guess that lets you know you will be making “meg-bux”.  The site itself is nothing new or special. Pretty much the same deal as ClickSense. Click on ads and get paid a penny. 1-8 ads per day. I have earned $0.593 since I started.

The last banner is for Amazon. You can check back to my blog “Affiliate Marketing-Follow the yellow brick road” for an explanation of how the Amazon Associate program works.

As you can see on their own these sites generate very little money, although the ad credits are nice. The issue with the ad credits, is your ads are viewed in the same manner you view ads. These sites are also dependent on you taking the time and clicking your mouse. The supposed “real” money comes from referrals.

Referrals are people you have convinced to sign up and do the same thing you are doing. Click ads and create”down-line”. Then you are paid not only for the work you do, but you also receive payment for your down-lines work.

MLM or Multi-level marketing looks great on paper or on white board. All those circles and dollars signs flowing up to you at the top. The problem I have found, is getting people to have the same enthusiasm as I do. Some people get involved with good intentions and then give up after a while. Others get involved out of guilt and lose interest quickly. So, you end up with a one legged, lopsided matrix. The MLM model is based on building down-line that lasts indefinitely. If everything stays in place you create long term residual income. Once the 2-4-8 matrix is in place it starts to funnel money to you. But as the matrix weakens (people drop off), so does the cash flow.

I want to give everything I try a decent chance to show growth and income potential. I will continue to use each of these sites I have listed for a few months before I make a final decision of their true worth.

Like I said at the beginning, I did not expect this to make me rich. In fact I didn’t expect to make a single dime and figured I would lose some money. So far, I have made money. In fact with what I have coming in, I can finance a website using the money I make each month.

Please follow my blog, click on the banners that look like they will provide you with a quality product and tell your friends.