I want to make a point about my reviews of home based business opportunities and the word scam.

Like I have said before I don’t use the word scam lightly.

A true home based business opportunity has longevity. Almost all the programs I have reviewed and call scams, may pay you a small amount of money initially. What I am looking for (and so are many others) are opportunities that create a consistent flow of income. Even though, it may take some time to reap the benefits.

Sure you can refer a couple of people and make a few bucks. But then what?

Can you consistently get referrals? Can you sign people up daily and be paid? Are you compensated for the referral after the initial sign on bonus? Is the product sale-able (can you sell it, do people want the product)?

Companies like ZNZ and One 24 (and a host of others) makes the claim you will make large amounts of money with their programs without any work on your part. I am sure some folks get started and make a couple of referrals and do get paid. But that well runs dry very quickly.

 Here is a clue (to use the parlance of our time), you can make more the same amount or more money taking surveys and working M-Turk and you are not dependent on other people getting involved. And you can do this every day of the week.

So in my opinion, if a company claims (or guarantees) you will make thousands of dollars, and you can’t or don’t, then it is a scam.

I am sure they will claim it is your fault, you’re not working to make the money.

My point is they claim you can do it all without any work. If that is not true, they are scammers.

This site is dedicated to offering you quality, long term home based business opportunities.

Webinar- a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments.

Webinar is one of the newest buzz words and tricks used to create interest. For some reason offering an online webinar legitimizes the offer.

I did a little (actually very little) research and found out just how easy it is to produce a webinar. Here is a site I picked randomly. I do not endorse this site. But, I want you to see how easily and cheaply (this one has a free offer) it is to produce a webinar.

So, please don’t think just because they offer you a webinar as part of their online training, they are spending a bunch of money or doing anything special.

YouTube has literally hundreds of video webinars. Check these out. Hopefully you can see that anyone, for any reason can create a “webinar”.

The other thing you can count on is a bunch of hype and basic business practices you probably already know or use. These companies have not invented a “new wheel”. They deliver the same old hackneyed garbage you have seen and heard for years.

Remember the wizard of OZ? “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!”

Smoke and mirrors are what you are being offered. My advice to anyone looking for a home based business opportunity is to make a point of finding out who is behind the curtain

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