Before I get into anything else, I want to share another money making opportunity that fell into my lap. Like I said I enjoy taking surveys. My favorite site is My Survey. They do not have a referral program at this time. I would still urge you to give them a try. I am making enough money with them to warrant “dropping” their name, even if I am not getting a referral bonus.

I signed up for My Survey and received a survey the same day. It was a short 5 minute survey, I was awarded 5 points. I checked the site and noticed you cannot turn points into cash until you reach 1100 points.  1 survey a day, 5 points a survey, 1100 points? Oh, well.

The next day I received another 5 point survey. The following day I received 3 surveys, one of them worth 150 points. Of course the survey was longer than 5 minutes (more like 20), but well worth the effort.

My Survey does a good job of keeping things interesting. Most all surveys are paid a minimum of 5 points, no matter how short the survey. And the format is easy to use. Anyway, I was up to 1100 points in the 2nd week. I cashed out and received a $10 Amazon card. Cool.

The next week the surveys came more frequently and a couple of surveys paid 400+ points. I reached 1100 points very quickly and received another $10 Amazon card.  During that 3rd week  I reached a page at the end of one survey. The page invited me to participate in an “At home” study to track snack food consumption.

The page said I would be provided with a Palm pilot and I would be required to document snack food data on the palm pilot. The study will last 2 weeks. Shipping for the equipment is paid by service. And the dates the study would take place. The compensation would be $50.00. Plus, another $5.00 to take an exit survey.

I responded to the page and agreed to take the study. And I really didn’t think much more about it. On Thursday of this week FedEx dropped off a package. To my surprise it was the Palm Pilot. Inside the package was the Palm Pilot, a charger, the study guidelines, the return packaging and a $10.00 Visa gift card.

Now we are up to $65.00 to complete the study. I have spent the bulk of more working life collecting data. I can tell when a data collection scenario is on the level. This is real data collection for what I assume is a credible study. I also received a follow up call, to make sure I took receipt of the equipment.

So, out of the blue come’s this opportunity. Once again proof, money can be made, from your home using the internet.  A month ago I would not have believed any of this was possible. Thanks to guys like Eddy Saloman for his site, I was able to find websites that actually delivered what they offered without wasting time and money.

As I progress with this blog I am convinced I will continue to pursue my goal. I will also continue to write this blog and fairly review and evaluate work at home opportunities. So, follow the blog, ask questions, tell your friends, click on a banner and start making money.                                                                             

Be sure to visit the new site:

Here is a photo of the equipment, for those who doubt.