Today I want to talk about work at home websites in general. Since starting this project I would say I have looked at 3 or 4 hundred different ads for work at home websites. As expected, a full 90% are nothing more than a template website that leads to other template websites.

That brings us to the claim "Build your website in 15 minutes. No experienced needed!!". If, you are very computer savvy, good at clicking and dragging, you can probably put together a sloppy, uninteresting website. You can then add that site to the thousand that look just like it.

No matter where I pull up these types of sites ( Google, Bing etc.) they are all pretty much the same. Big bold colors and fonts, bullet points all over, most of them lately have some sort of video presentation ( I wonder if those are free? ) a place to enter your email address and a custom e-book or software or system for sale to make you wealthy.

I think for the most part, these site owners must believe, their site is the only one you are ever going to see. So, it doesn't matter if it is unoriginal. I watched an ad this morning ( for pay ) and it was very well put together, had a video presentation from a middle aged woman dressed like a teacher, the pitch was subdued and to the point. Wow, this might be worth checking out. I scrolled down to read the text, the very first sentence I read had a spelling error.

I find it hard to believe people that don't proof read a website: A) Are worried about longevity, B) Have any money invested in the site itself. To me, if you are using a free website and stock template, your looking for a quick buck. The sites I have found to actually be useful, are not stock freebie sites. You can tell from the construction and content. In conclusion, if a site looks like a boiler plate copy you probably won't get any useful information. Of course, there may be exceptions.

One of the other things I want to suggest is setting up an email account that is separate from your normal account. No matter how many times they say they don't, some sites do sell your email address and you will get spammed. I use Gmail. It is free and it works a lot better than it did previously.

I get about 20 spam emails ranging form work at home to Asian dating. Gmail does a pretty good job of sorting out the spam. The other thing you can expect is a bunch of follow up emails, if you don't get involved with the site. You can unsubscribe to most of them pretty easily. If things get to crazy and you don't intend to continue you can just close the email account.

That's about it for today. I am still studying and learning how to make the best out of Affiliate and Article marketing. It is not something you learn in an afternoon. I also want to stress I am looking for free information on the subjects. To date, I have spent nothing and have collected in my accounts about $30. As I get a handle on the Affiliate thing, I will be posting links to sites I use and will continue to use. I have put up the first one.

At the top of this page is an ad that says "Cash in on commercial emails" that is a link to Hits for Pay, they pay you to watch internet advertising. Average pay is $0.02 per ad, but they offer you a $10.00 sign on bonus and they have an affiliate program. Each time someone clicks my ad and joins, I get paid a referall bonus. It is pretty easy money, they send you ads almost everyday. You keep the ad open for 30seconds ( they have a countdown timer for you ) and you get paid $0.02.Tomorrow, the "aStore" from Amazon.