The next site I use daily is NeoBux  NeoBux offers the same services as ClixSense You may view ads and be paid or you can advertise on the site. As a viewer it barely differs from ClixSense. You see the same ads over and over. In 3 weeks I have made $ 0.738. You will probably make $0.10 a day after a week or two.

NeoBux also offers an upgrade promising you more ads each day, but the math doesn’t seem to work in your favor. Until you build up the referral end of the business, this only creates a few dollars a month.

As an advertiser you get the same audience as with other sites. I am not sure if this is a waste of money or not. The audience is definitely not a “targeted” audience. No matter how hard a site tries to spin it, the people viewing the ads are getting paid to view not paid to buy.

I know I keep repeating this, “The goal is to run this business using no money out of pocket.” This is another site I can “blindly” click ads and get advertising credits. I am still working on driving traffic and tracking what is going on. I have been using a limited number of ad credits each day. I limit my ad to 100 views a day.

My background in quality assurance has made me a big believer in charting statistical data and keeping an eye out for trends. Luckily, everybody offers some sort of data collection. My goal is to see what spending 100 ad credits a day gets me.  I used $5.95 of the money I earned at Mturk and bought 1000 ad credits. Each credit should equal 1 view (or impression). Now my splash page is basically a link to my blog. I have a picture of a stack of coins, there is some verbiage about reviewing websites and the URL for my site.

In theory, a viewer “views” the ad, then they click the hyperlink to go to my website (this is a “click”). Once they are at the website they will click on the referral links and become my downline or they will click on an affiliate link to make a purchase.

By using 100 credits a day I should see 100 impressions. A very small percentage won’t be viewed at all. Of the remaining impressions I have been receiving 1 click and no sales. Based on how the whole thing works, I expected as much. I have actually been getting a higher percentage of “clicks” from my Craigslist advertising than I have with buying advertising.

If I get 1 “click” for every 100 ad credits I buy, the more credits I buy the more “clicks” I should get. As long as this doesn’t cost me anything out of pocket, I will keep buying credits for a month or so to watch the data trends. I know 100 views a day is a very small number, but I wanted to use an example were the “math” would be easy to understand.

I plan to increase the number of views to 200 then 500, to see if the 1 in 100 pattern changes. The cool thing with EasyHits4U you can even set what days of the week you want your ad viewed. It should be easy to spot any trends.

NeoBux is not a scam. It does produce a very limited income at first. Like I said in my last blog you have to build downline for it to make any real money. By registering with more than one site you can double or triple that income in minutes a day. I recommend this site.

If you are just starting out these are good site to start out with, mainly for the ad credits. I think it would take a very long time for this to be profitable on its own. Years, at the very least.

I do want to take a minute to take back some of the things I had previously stated about Vindale Research

I had said in a previous blog, even though I got offers to complete surveys daily I could never complete them and I had no idea if I was getting paid for the time I spent.

It turns out the problem may have been Firefox (my browser). I ran into a site that wouldn’t let me load a banner using Firefox, I had to use MS Explorer. I then thought I would try Vindale again using Explorer.

I normally get an email offering me 10 surveys at $1.50 each. With Firefox I would start the first one and it would kick me out of the survey at some point. Using Explorer I was able to complete all the surveys offered at that time or that I am qualified for. But, I was offered 10, I didn’t qualify for 2 or 3 and was able to complete a 2 or 3. So it was more like 6 than 10. Either way they paid me for the ones I completed.

If they keep sending me emails with 10 a day I should be able to make $3-$6 a day with them. The only thing I like better about MySurvey is they pay you at least 5 points (about $0.50) for every survey you access. I think all in all, Vindale pays better. Vindale Research also offers other ways to earn money.

Vindale Research also offers payment for completing trial offers. This is much like Fusion Cash  These payments are pretty substantial (although they are mostly one time only offers) for completing the trial offers.

They offer things like $35.00 for trying a credit card, $15.00 to try online game rental, $20.00 to try a payday loan service. If you are good at keeping records you can make a few hundred bucks using the two sites. You have to be careful, you must read all the fine print and follow the rules or they can end up costing you money.

The next review will be Hits4Pay and Fusion Cash.