The last direct selling opportunity I want to discuss is Procard International. Procard International offers customers a program of doctors, dentist and eyecare specialist who have a greed to offer a discount to holders of the card sold by Procard International.

They also offer three other marketing programs available to registered users. One is a Local Discounts card. I had a friend involved in one of these in the 80's it is a very hard sell. U.S. Junk mail as an active associate, you can activate consumers in this program that helps protect both the environment and your personal identity. And with this you set up a website that provides customers with a pizza restaruant search engine.

I got invovled with Procard because of the large number of unemployed without health insurance. The card itself is priced reasonably and provides the basic needs. For as low as $26.95/month you can save 10%-60% on Dental, Optical, Rx and Physician services at over 350,000 providers nationwide. No limits on yearly visits, no paperwork, no age limits, and no health restrictions.

If you do not have access to health insurance or use it rarely like my wife and I, this is worth a look.
You can market the card or you can market the program as a work at home opportunity.
Emails scripts, telemarketing scripts, business to business scripts, HTML banners, business cards, and brochures are all available for you to download free of charge.

You can become an active member by purchasing a website ($23.90/month) or by enrolling another individual in the plan. There are no membership or monthly fees (except the optional website). I haven't spent a lot of time working through all the details, but I am very interested in getting this program off the ground.

Another popular work at home opportunity is data entry. I do not touch type, so it not an option for me.

But for those of you who have decent typing skills or are multi lingual it is, an option. Amazon Mechanical Turk has work for transcription and translation. Of the many, many hits available transcription and translation pay the most.

There are also a number of other companies that offer data entry postions. These range from simple data entry to medical transcription. Again execeptional typing skills are required. Medical transcription was a big deal in the 90's. My wife even looked into opportunities. Schooling is required (you must know medical coding) and you have to find work yourself.

There is also work from home opportunities in customer service. Companies like Alpine Access and Arise offer a virtual help desk to customers. They then contract or hire people to work from their homes answering calls.

I had read Alpine Access was a very good prospect. They actually hire employees full or part time and offer benefits. Pay is $9.00/hr. But the advantages of working out of your home speak for themselves.

I had also read thousands of people apply and very few get a chance to interview.

Well, my wife decided to take time and check it out. She was commuting an hour one way, six days per week. With gas at near $4/gal. and rising, She was spending nearly half her bring home pay in fuel. She did the math and figured it was worth the time it took to apply.

Within two days she received a call to set up a telephone interview. The interview went well and she was offered a postion. She was also told there are many opportunities for advancement within the company.

She is not degreed (although she does have a 1yr certificate in accounting) and has been employed as an office and retail store manager. Her resume even reflects the years she took off to be a mom.

I think with any CSR position phone skills mean a lot in the initial interviews. My point being her background is not specific to customer service, yet they offered her a position. She plans to accept the position. If you are interested in customer service positions visit their site.

Another popular option is Mystery Shopping. You are paid to review customer service at various retail outlets and shops. You shop without the employees knowing you are documenting your shopping experience. You may be asked to shop for a certain item and you are then reimbuirsed for the cost.

I have contacted a couple of companies offering Mystery Shopper positions and have not so much as received a return e-mail. So I can't speak for myself of their worth as a money making opportunity. You can find a review here at Work at Home No

Hopefully that give you some options when looking at non web based work at home opportunities.

There are of course, a thousands more out there and more being created daily.

If you have found one that works for you let us know by using the forum. I will discuss my intent for the forum section in tomorrows blog.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR Forum to post questions or request a review of a site or, you can e-mail me directly at ewahr2011@