Hopefully, I didn't ruffel too many feathers with yesterdays review. After looking around the web some more, I found I am not the only offering a less than flattering review. A progam like that is the reason people have a bad experience and give up on internet commerce.

I know, it happened to me. I have been sweet-talked out of money more than once with the promise of a huge return. The only thing I know for sure (based on the last 3 months) is there is no offer available on the internet that will allow you to retire in 6 months. Unless you will turn 65 in 6 months, of course.

Do not waste your time with sites that make “promises” or “guarantees” of any kind!! What do we learn as children “Promises are often broken”. These kind of sites (and I am not singling out One24) have nothing to lose by making empty promises. Before anyone can shut them down, they have made enough money to move on to the next scam.

No one (yes, I said no one) can guarantee you success in internet marketing. In the first place, chances are you will never see your upline face to face. Questions or advice must be received over the internet or telephone. It is much easier to lie when you are not looking someone in the eye.

This has rouse has been practised since time began. Only now instead of snake oil peddlers we have Internet marketing entrepreneurs.

I have also noticed for the most part legitimate offers for home based businesses have a single home page that provides most of the details of the business. And pricing is not five pages into the checkout process. I am to the point where, I can feel the scam coming on very early in the process.

I think maybe all the “good scam ideas” have been used up and now, all we see now is a re-hash of the same old thing. With that being said, scams make it very difficult to find the legitimate opportunities. That is why sites like mine EWAHR, Work at home No scams.com and 99ers.net and many, many more are a necessity.

Someone needs to be the “guinea pig” and take one for the team to expose the frauds. I think part of the problem is folks get involved in a scam and think they have to “work their way out of it”. Even though they may figure out early on they are involved in a scam, they need to see if they can at least make their money back.

Then before they know it, they are part of the same scam they are trying to get away from. Always make sure when you get involved in any work at home opportunity, you understand how to get out if it doesn't give you what it offered.

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