Hey All,

  Today's post will teach you how to watch T.V. and get paid for it. One way is to participate in a program that pays you to view internet advertising. Like it says, you view an internet advertisement and you get paid each time you view an ad, the ones I have viewed are for online business opportunities or stock market tools.

 Like Mturk and surveys it pays very little per "click". Most pay between $0.01-0.02 per view. How long you must keep the link open varies from site to site, the shortest I have is 30 secs. and the longest is 60 secs. The good news is 99 out of 100 have nothing to offer.

Do,take the time to really check out the first few ads, the quality of the text is amazingly bad  at times. Most of the times it is the same thing in a different font and order. None of them offer any real information from these pages. So, you click on the link, let it load, go back to watching "American Dad", 30 seconds to 1 minute later you find another link and start the process again. Payment: $0.02 for each ad you load.

  Each of the site I am registered with sends me 4 or 5 links per day. The whole thing takes less time than it does to watch a 30 minute T.V. program. And, if you are watching the History Channel, you are getting paid to learn. I will probably continue this stream of income as well as the surveys. I wouldn't walk past a nickel lying on the ground, I am not going to let something this easy pass me by.

So far, we have looked at 4 different online opportunities that actually pay you to work for them. None of them offer a large sum of money, but it is money. Suppose you kept a jar on the counter and everyday dropped in all your pocket change. Then once a month you take it to the bank and turn it into paper. It adds up steadily.

  I have purposely omitted names of companies and links to their websites. Not because I plan on selling you some book with all the names for $69.99!!!  Because, Affiliate marketing will be the next thing I focus on. At that point I will put up my own website(s) and the affiliate links to and from those sites will produce income.

I plan to continue the blog site ( even though it may move to a more profitable location ). I am currently looking at a couple of sites that offer training in internet marketing, these sites offer the critical tools needed to successfully market profitable websites.

  The ones that caught my eye didn't have a ton of bells and whistles, no pictures of palm trees and money and no videos about life changing experiences. Just data, just detailed lists of services offered, links to specific areas and tools offered, FAQ's etc. That is the kind of site that makes me want to scroll down. It started to really make sense now.

  How many website have you been to offering "work at home" opportunities? Think back to what those sites had in common. Of course the usual rhetoric about making thousands per month and so on. But start to look around the site as if you were looking at a tool. Look at is as something you own and it is responsible for you making money or not making money.

  If you scroll to the very bottom you can find who hosts this particular site. Maybe a contact link ( most of those go nowhere), maybe a hit counter and maybe ( most of the time) you find the word affiliate. That means the owner of the website is involved in some sort of affiliate program. either they have advertising link at this site or their site is affiliated with another website or sites. And that, as far as I can tell so far, is where the money begins to "get real". These are the sites and connections that "run" 24/7. They make money whether you are there or not.

  Tomorrow I will begin to really dig into the training opportunities and ebooks and settle on one. As soon as I commit I will bring you along on that journey.