The following is an excerpt from a previous blog. The blog discussed setting goals for your home based business. View the entire blog here.

Short term goal: I will use the internet and multiple websites to create income by developing Affiliate and Referral partnerships.

Cost to maintain websites will be paid from monies generated by sales and referrals from those websites. Along with monies generated from PPC viewing of internet advertising.

Advertising cost for websites will be paid with monies from above as well as “click exchange” credits.

1 year goal. All websites will be self-sustaining. Traffic flow shows moderate to steady increase to all sites.

2 year goal. All websites show positive cash flow. Expand number of sites by 25-50%

I hope you notice the plan does not include being rich in 90 days. As long as I am not investing any money out of pocket, I am not overly concerned about the time it takes to be profitable.

I began this project in February of this year (2011) it is now May. I am now 90 days into the project. My websites are moving slowly, but they are consistently showing an increase in traffic to the site and the affiliate marketing partners I advertise at the sites.

Just looking at impressions, the advertisers have seen 12,892 impressions, with a click through rate of around 5%.

Here is where my site differs from other opportunity and/or review web sites. I don’t have a problem showing you the zeros. It serves no purpose for me to “gild the lily”.

Offering you “photo shopped reports” doesn’t help my cause (or yours for that matter). It won’t take you long to figure out the numbers are manipulated.

I have said this more than once and I will continue to say it. You have to invest time and effort to have a successful business at any level.

If you need money to today to pay your bills, you will need to find a traditional job. Building a successful, profitable online business cannot be accomplished in one day.  Or in one week or one month.

I continue to use Amazon Mechanical Turk, MySurvey and Vindale Research daily to create small amounts income. (less than $100 a month). My quest for a profitable business also opened a door for my wife to become involved with Alpine Access (she now works from our home) a company I reviewed. It also helped me get a part time job setting appointments for an Independent sales person.

This message is for the 99ers, Do not give up, even though the economy has changed drastically, there are still many opportunities to create income with non-traditional work models. Keep in mind you will need to be patient and creative.

I have to date, not spent a single penny out of pocket. In fact I have made a couple of hundred bucks with sites like M-Turk, MySurvey and Vindale Research. And I am receiving more and more followers every day.

I still believe the affiliate marketing partners will prove to be profitable over time. If you look around the site you will see a couple of new partners like Russell Simmons Rush Card, and National Pen Promotional Products.

Like my other affiliate partners, they offer products relevant to running a home based business. National Pen Promotional Products offers a free business card pen to those visiting the site.

I have always been a big fan of “swag” (small inexpensive advertising gifts) from sales people. I bet I haven’t bought a coffee cup or ink pen for myself, to use at work since the early eighties.

Business cards, pens, coffee cups and coasters are great ways to have you business name out in front of people. They end up being a very good and inexpensive advertising tool that people actually keep and use.

Swiss army knives, clocks, Frisbees, snow scrapers and so on, are fun for a minute, but you end up seeing most of those at garage sales.

I will give a more complete review of my new affiliate marketing partners in the next few days.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR forum to post questions or request a review of a site. You can also email me directly at