After 2 weeks of moderately intense work on developing a home based business that creates part time income, I have come to a couple of conclusions.

1. You can make money from your home using only your internet connection. I worked, I got paid.

2. No matter how many times it is said, success in internet marketing is not something "anyone" can accomplish.

As I mentioned before I spent a large number of years in manufacturing. During that time I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of different employees. Which, in itself is a reflection of private sector manufacturing in general. A lot of turnover. Automotive manufacturing is cyclical in production needs. When car models change new containers are needed. The cycle runs three to four years. We would start the cycle with close to 75 employees and by the end of the cycle we could be as low as a dozen. Then the cycle repeats.

With that said, people have a wide range of skill sets. Some are round pegs, some are square. Placing a round peg in a square hole is very stressful for all parties involved. I know that for a fact, it becomes the norm in manufacturing and production facilities. The pool of acceptable candidates for employment is not really that deep. Once you factor in your labor budget, the "pickins" become very slim. So, you take the "squarest" round peg you can find and start to square the edges, with training, so it will fit ( better ) in the square hole.

Believe me, when I say this cannot always be accomplished. Some people have limits to what they can learn and do. I am not a psychologist and do not profess to have divine sight. I am just reporting what I have experienced. And it is not, for the most part, that people don't try to adapt. Sometimes it just doesn't happen, period. So, there will be a percentage of people who do not succeed with internet marketing.

For one, there is a ton of reading involved. I happen to be a very quick reader and my retention rate is pretty high. If you are a slow reader and have trouble retaining what you do read, this will be a major obstacle. Good computer equipment and connection is also a major factor. If you are using a slow unreliable PC and have a dial-up internet connection, this will hamper your process greatly. I am sure there are those that can rise above it, but if you are easily frustrated you are in for a long day.

Once you begin the journey, you will be directed to a number web links that explain how to accomplish a needed task. You will then need to read and understand the information given on that page. Sometimes, you read the page and it makes perfect sense. The next one makes somewhere less than zero. Due to the fact these pages are written by people who do this everyday. I would assume most have schooling along those lines. I am thinking right about here is way the majority of people give up.

I count myself lucky. I got into PCs while I was attending community college in the early eighties. Apple had just released the Mac. In one of my classes we used the Mac to do some layout drawings. I am pretty confident when it comes to Mac or windows based computer work. If you are not, this will be a hurdle you need to get over. If you are not computer "savvy", take a free class at your local library. You will need basic windows skills to make this work.

Misleading websites that offer no "real" information. The more I get involved with PPC ad sites, the more I see these sites that make a promise and then just link to other sites making more claims and promises. Never leading to any useful information. These marketers don't believe they can help you succeed in internet marketing they believe you will pay them. The web is flooded with these sites. It only takes getting burned for $47.00 for e-books that tell you nothing, a couple of times before you quit sending strangers money.

Business is business. Whether it is a traditional business or an online business, it takes training, dedicated work, support and perseverance to succeed. I am willing to do those things to move forward with this project. I probably will not post again until Monday. It's snowing here today, so I will get some outside time with my son. And then we have church and the release of the new Pokemon video game on Sunday. Good times!