I plan to review two sites later in this blog. First, I want to share some stats. The nice thing about posting these stats is the fact they are legitimate. I am not afraid to show you the most impressions I have had in one day is well less than one hundred.  I want to share with you the growth of the sites in the first month. I hope if you follow this blog you have come to terms with the fact this is not a “get rich quick” program.

As you can see from this graph (this graph tracks my Blogger posting) the number of views for each day this week.  Views are growing steadily, even at this site.  The only way I am driving traffic myself, is with Facebook, Twitter and Google buzz. Google finds the site right away if you search for the correct title (Eric’s Work at Home help for the 99ers). I am glad to see at least a handful of people are reading the blog daily.

With any business the first month is very complicated. And that is with a plan in place. So, I am very pleased with the growth of this business, considering there was no plan. This once again this proves how easy it is to “get started” in internet marketing. The trick is making what you have started, profitable.

The next few months will really tell the tale. The economy is stable enough to not have an adverse effect on internet marketing in the next few years. I think the initial rush to become an internet marketer is over. There is much more free “useful” information available than ever before. You have to find it but it is there. Smartphones may have a big impact to online shopping in the next year.

With gas prices rising to record levels, high internet speeds, low cost PCs, Smartphones and WiFI available everywhere, I can’t believe this is not a reasonably good business decision. If I can continue to keep it going without investing any money all the better. I will keep re-investing what I am making to achieve my one year goal. Truthfully, at this point I would not see investing money as a risky proposition.

You are welcome to follow my path or develop one of your own. You may be able to make what you need a month just by using sites like Vindale Research http://tryvindale.com/VuPXVQVw, MySurvey https://www.mysurvey.com/ and FusionCash http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=emachuca3. 

Now, on to the reviews of Hits4Pay and Fusion Cash. Hits4Pay was one of the first sites I signed up with. Hits4Pay offers a $10.00 sign on bonus. They than pay you to view internet advertising and you are paid $.002 on the average for each ad viewed. I have viewed 125 ads and have been paid $2.50. The ads come from 2-6 at a time every few days.

The have a program they call an affiliate program, but it is actually a referral program. The difference is you pay $5.99 a month and they randomly link their home page to your account. Anyone signing during that period becomes your downline. The theory being, you get referrals without any work. The truth is you are in rotation with hundreds (maybe thousands) of other members. You would need to add a large number of referrals just to cover the $5.99 a month. You must also file federal tax paperwork prior to payment.

Hits4Pay http://hits4pay.com/members/index.cgi?emac2011 is not a scam.  Just like other sites, you need to build referrals to make any money consistently.

FusionCash http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=emachuca3.  was the first site I signed up with after Mturk. They provide mainly trial offers. I am not interested in that aspect of the business right now, so I seldom use the site. I do have $9.00 in my account, so I keep adding things here and there (they do offer a few freebies) until I reach the $25.00 payout minimum. I will then drop the program.

At FusionCash you are paid to sign-up and complete trail offers from businesses. Some are quite large payments. They offer you $100.00 to sign up and install Direct TV. Some credit cards, book clubs and insurance quotes make up most of the offers. If you are good at keeping records and don’t mind tying up credit, FusionCash and Vindale Research are an option.

Keep in mind the offers are one time only and if you don’t read the fine print and rules and follow them, you can get burned.

FusionCash  http://www.fusioncash.net/?ref=emachuca3 is not a scam. If you complete the offers as described you get paid. I think the people who call any of these programs scams, either had unreal expectations of what they would earn or they can’t follow the rules.

I can really relate to those who start these programs and then drop them in a couple of weeks. If you listen to the hype at these sites the bar is set extremely high. They promote the thinking, that everyone who joins the program succeeds. When you don’t reach their bar, you think you have failed where others have succeeded.

I learned a long time ago to set reachable short term goals that build on your long term goal. Your life will be much richer, if you feel like you succeeded every now and again.

My initial goal was to see if any of these sites offer a real opportunity to make money. I have reached that goal. I have identified a number of sites that offer those opportunities.

 I wanted to start a daily blog documenting my findings. I have reached that goal. I am posting daily to my blog Eric’s Work at Home Reviews http://ericsworkathomereviews.yolasite.com/ .

My next goal is to double or triple the amount of impressions and clicks to my sites.

Like always, Please sign up and follow the blog, use the banners and text links to visit and sign up and start making money. Any questions you may have or sites you would like me to review can be posted at the EWAHR Forum page. Next review: GetBuxToday  and EasyHits4U.