Hello. Today’s discussion will cover companies that provide free websites. It was obvious to me from the start, I would need a website of my own (meaning I own the URL) to do any productive affiliate marketing. I now see I will be using multiple sites to increase productivity. The more sites the more viewers. The more viewers the more banner clicks and sales.  The more sales the more money in the bank. This makes good business sense to me.

In actuality, I am using a niche market strategy. I am directing my websites (I built another site this morning) to a specific demographic. This blog is directed at those looking for legitimate work at home opportunities. The site I built this morning is a forum for musicians. My affiliate advertising banners are posted at the sites. Each site has banners specifically aimed at the demographic.

While this site has banners that attract work at homers, the forum site has banners for musicians. You can view this site at http://cheapgearforum.yolasite.com. Be sure to make good use of ad space. Don’t waste banners. You want people that are truly ready to buy, clicking the link. Lookers “don’t feed the bulldog”.

As I said in a previous blog Yola was first “free” site I tried. I am very pleased with the site. It is extremely easy to use. To my surprise I was able to build not only this blog site, I also built a forum style site. Of course, both free of charge. A forum is a website that allows viewers to post comments on a number of different topics. My site caters to lovers of low cost musical equipment.  Again, a very specific group (niche).

Like this site the goal is to create income from advertising posted at the sites. I am developing relationships with companies I think viewers will use. Again, with the “niche” idea in mind. I am also marketing affiliates through Craigslist and email marketing.  I have just started this project, I will post details as I get data.

I am now affiliated with 13 companies. They are AVG, ProCard, SmokeStick, Go Daddy, Travel Guard, Vision Premier Prepaid Visa, Yahoo and Candy and gift boutique. Those banners are at this site. I am also an affiliate with BloomingBulb (a seed,plant and bulb distributer), Complete Tax (online tax service), and Graveyard mall (an online closeout warehouse). These sight along with SmokeStick and Travel Guard are marketed using Craigslist and email marketing. I also have Nerdy Shirts (a funny t-shirt seller) and Rock.com store (gear for rockers) they have banners at the musician’s forum.

I can’t stress enough, that this is all going to take time to develop. I have been at it for the last 4 weeks and the payback so far is very minimal. Even though I do not have any money invested, I have invested time and effort. But, all indicators are showing growth.

I use tools and reports available at Yola and Blogger to track who is viewing the website. Yola has very limited reports until you upgrade. Blogger doesn’t require an upgrade so all the tools and reports they offer are there to use. They track everything for that particular site.

Since the inception of this blog I have received 336 visits from 10 different countries. Traffic is driven by my posting at Facebook and Twitter, Ads at EasyHits4U, Craigslist and whatever comes from search engines. Hopefully I am pointed in the right direction. I am relatively happy with the way everything is working out. And the way the sites look. My next effort will be to drive traffic to the sites. Until then,