Hello again,

  I spent some time last night going through the sites where I am registered to earn money viewing e-mails ads. The first thing I realized was, I do not like the "sales pitch" in general. Having spent a number of years in manufacturing I have heard "the pitch" a thousand times! Be it from supervisors looking for more resources to foreman trying to get parts or processes approved. "The pitch" always comes with quantifiers, all the reasons the part or process isn't perfect and never will be.

  Most of the ads I reviewed were merely a re-hash of the same tired cliches. It's like they are not even trying a full 50% of the time, just throw some text into the template and sit back and let the money roll in! They give little to no reason to even view the entire page.

  And the cars and women, come on ladies and gentleman, haven't we moved past using these two things to portray  happiness. It's getting insulting. I can see why some people are buying up these sites, re-working them and "flipping" them, they must be totally useless to the people who purchased them. Just because anyone "can build a website of their own" doesn't mean they should.  More on that later, it is something I am going to pursue later this month.

  But, as I promised. The very first website I tried is called Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is a site consisting of work at home opportunities and is part of Amazon ( yes, the Amazon ). I was still suspicious about it, so I Googled around looking for links saying it was a scam and clicked on most of the links on the landing page to make sure they went somewhere. Everything looks legit. I registered  ( no charge and very little personal information. is requested. You do need a  PayPal account to be paid.) and start to see what is offered.

  Since the name tells you nothing about what is going on, it was very interesting from the start. I am not going to lie, I didn't read every line of the terms of service or the initial agreement. I scanned through it and didn't see any obvious red flags. If this something you need to do, the information is right there for you.

  So again, trying to explain this as simply as I can, certain companies retain Amazon to supply them with human responses to a myriad of test questions and surveys. Most of them pertaining to internet marketing and advertising. Each task consist of a number of "hits". 

  A "hit" is a question ( it may be writing a comment or many other type of answer ) or series of questions about a certain topic. Each Task may have thousand of "hits" available, all the "hits" for that task will be the same format. You respond accordingly and you receive payment for your time and effort.

  Some hits pay right away, others may take a few days. Requesters hold the right to deny payment for not living up to the request on your end. I have been paid for all but 1 hit during the last week.

  Here's the thing, "hits" pay any where from $0.01-and up. I have seen some hits in the $1.00 range, but they are one shot deals, you can only respond 1 time. Most hits are $0.01-0.05 cents. Not exactly lottery winnings. But, it never claimed to be. It claims to pay you for services rendered, and fully explains terms and payment up front. That's a good business practice.

  I am not sure what I will be able to show using this blog spot, but if possible I will feature some actual screens shots of my earnings. I have been working with Amazon on and off while watching T.V. and have accrued $9.49 in the last 5 or 6 days. Basically, just playing around and figuring out what all is offered. and trying the different companies and their "hits".

  Now, $9.49 is not a lot of money. What it is, is proof that you can make money working at home on your computer, over the internet. Even a novice should see that you can develop multiple streams of this kind of income. Say, 10 bucks a week times 5 revenue streams equals couple of thousand bucks a year. Right now, I have 8 or 9 of these ad viewing, survey taking type streams going and have made a little over 40 bucks in about a week.

 But, remember this is based on some one actually doing the work every day, this is not residual income. You have to work for it. I haven't been keeping real close track of my time, because I really didn't think any of this worked. I fully expected to be wasting my time. But trust me, I am not spending endless hours huddled over my laptop. I do this, if I want, when I want. I urge you to check this out, it is like nothing I have seen. Very cool. Next time my favorite survey site.