My names is Eric. I am 51 yrs. old. I have spent the last 30yrs. working in manufacturing for the automotive industry. Mainly in quality assurance and supervision. I lost my job in December of 2009. I live in southern Wisconsin with my wife and 11 yr old son.

  If you read the papers or watch t.v., you know the job market for an individual with my skill set in this area is not very promising. So, my plan is to send the next 2 or 3 months to develop a home-based online business that will generate part-time income ( 20-30 hrs. per week @ $7.00 per hour ).

  My wife is employed full time as a retail store manager and makes decent money with a fast growing company. Our son has been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and attends public school. He is getting outstanding support from the school system. This gives us many reason not to relocate.

  Since he is an Aspi kid regular day care can be an issue, we learned this many years ago. When I worked full time my wife worked around his schedule. Since she was lucky enough to find a full time job, I will now have to work around his school schedule. This obviously limits my choices for employment, even part-time.

  So, here we are. I actually started looking at online opportunities years ago. I even ordered a couple of books and cd's. Waded through 100's of websites with hot chicks, a sports car and piles of cash!!! All promising to make you wealthy overnight.

  Actually, I have been side tracked by more than one "Be your own boss make a million dollars" plans over the years. From Amway ( twice ), SMC and Aloe Vera being the cure for everything, I payed the small initial fees and went absolutely nowhere. You would think I would have learned by now. But, if it can't be done, why are people still doing it? It's obvious to me, money can be made on the internet today and it will continue to grow at an unbelievable rate.

  So, why should this time be any different? I stumbled on to a website, built by a guy who is actually making money from his home based business. He has taken the time to find and share a large number of legitimate money making opportunities. He breaks down each type of opportunity and what you can expect to make from it. Realistically, no hype, no BS just the facts. I know for a fact, the ones I have chosen to pursue deliver almost exactly as promised.

  The ones I will share, cost nothing to start and pay real money at the end of each month. Real money is just as it implies, an amount of money more than zero. In most of these early attempts, the sites produce pennies a day. Some require less than 5 minutes a day to maintain, others allow you to spend as much time making money as you like. I am currently registered at 8 different sites that generate money everyday. Again, 7 out of 8 are creating pennies at a time. Tomorrow I will share with you the first of my endeavors and why it will be something I will continue to use.