Back again,

  So, Amazon pays you to work on the Mturk? Yes, they do. On the Mturk dashboard, account information (payout ) is very easy to track. It shows all the hits you have completed, company name, status of hit ( paid, pending etc.) and whether they were accepted or rejected.

  Since I started on 2/17 I have completed 169 hits. 2 have been rejected, I am sure rejection was due to me not paying attention to what I needed to do. Yesterday, I checked the account ( all though I did not do any work ) and I had $9.88 in paid hits. $9.88 divided by 169 hits equals a 0.058 cents payout per hit average. Keep in mind, I am just starting to explore these different cash ( and I use the term loosely ) generators, so I am not spending any real time or energy on a specific one. I would say to maintain the 8 or 9 I have going ( except mturk ) I may be spend 30 mins a day total.

  Anyway, I checked my email this morning and had an email from Amazon. It said my $9.88 that I earned at mturk was paid out ( 1st of March ) to my Amazon account. I checked the account and sure enough the money is there. With that being said, I have now proven; it is possible, even in this day and age, to make money from you home, using your computer on the internet. But, as you will see ( I am finding this out more and more each day ) this way is not going to make you rich overnight or over month or over year. It will provide you with income you wouldn't normally have. I look at this as "found money", money you receive with minimal effort.

  A little bit about me, I have spent the last 30 yrs. working in manufacturing for the automobile industry. The bulk of the years I spent in an old dank metal fabrication shop making containers ( racks ) for stamping plants.  In the summer it was way too hot and the winters were way too cold. Even though my title was Quality Manager, our company was small enough that if we were a guy short on the saw, I was out there humping tube through the saw. So, when I use a word like "work" it refers to actual physical labor. To me sitting at a computer reading and clicking is not "work". It's just too easy! I know many people do consider it work and I am not disputing that fact. I have just worked a whole lot harder than this, to get where I wanted to be.

  This stuff is starting make sense to me. I already see many opportunities to generate small streams of income. I can easily spend time doing this and still manage the other things that need to be done. I think one of the best perks of this type of work, is the flexibility. Like I said, I am now the stay at home Dad. I need to shuttle my 11yr. son, back and forth to school five days a week. Look after a household and care for our 2 dogs. And none of this interferes with any of that. I work on this stuff when I want too! I can sit in my easy chair watch CNN or Sports Center and make money while I do it.

  But, the plan is to make the same amount each week as a part-time job. 25 hrs. per week ( which is what I have available Mon- Fri. ) at $7.00 per hour is $175.00 gross. Of course you have to take out taxes and cost of transportation to and from the job. But, for arguments sake we will just use the $175.00 as our benchmark. I will need to make a darn site more tha 10 bucks a week to reach that mark. Let's look at another option. On-line Survey takers.

  When I first started out I knew I would need to get this started with out using any of my own money. I have been laid off for quite some time, my wife is now working full-time and commuting 2hrs a day. So, telling her I plan to spend our ( her ) money while I make a million bucks on line was not a conversation I planned on having with her.

  The next thing I signed up for was online surveys. The few that I am working do not payout directly in cash. The surveyors are paid a number of points for each survey completed. The points scale have no rhyme or reason and do not relate to other sites. You have to weigh each one for any cash value. The ones I use do allow you to turn points to cash.

  The work is just as the title implies, You as a surveyor, are asked your opinion on a number of topics. Most relate to the internet or internet marketing. They can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. You develop a user profile and the company matches you to customers looking for independent survey data. They offer these surveys to you at their discretion. I assume the more you take, they more they offer. I get 1-3 surveys every day from one source. And 1-10 every few days from another. With one I have earned enough points to have a $10.00 PayPal deposit. And I have $10.08 at the other, they payout when you reach $25.00 also to PayPal.

  I, myself do not mind taking surveys online. I can sit and watch T.V. or listen to music and click through half a dozen in no time. I do not mind expressing my opinion, as a matter of fact I am glad to give my opinion. So, no matter what else I do, I will continue to complete online surveys. I hope this will help someone else get started in this type of project. Please feel free to add a comment or share your success or failures.

  Next time: Pay Per Click ( watching internet advertising )