The more time I spend researching and experimenting with work at home sites, the easier it is to spot the “fakes”.“Fakes” are what I call websites that offer little more than a link to a website that does offer something tangible (although rarely useful).

 I am working a couple of sites that pay you ad credits to view websites. So, I am viewing dozens of sites a day. Like I said, before I am not citing hard scientific evidence in this blog, I just report what I see.  I would say 95% of the ads I view are nothing more than a wasted effort. It is obvious from the content and layouts most all are built using a free template by someone with little or no site building experience. 

I am sure they were lured in with the promise of 1,000’s of dollars a month in additional income. Just to find out that noone ever visits your site, let alone follows, joins or make a purchase. One option to increase traffic is paying to advertise.

Not so much advertising, as it is exposure to “pay to watch” viewers. You pay a company to put your website (in my case, my blog) in front of viewers, the caveat being the viewers are paid to view the ads. A captive audience yes, but not an audience of “buyers”.  I myself get paid to watch ads, I then change my pay credits into advertising credits.

Believe me, not all ads get my attention. I do take the time to look at each and every page, but keep in mind I am looking for more opportunities. I do not scroll down if the site doesn’t catch my attention in the first few seconds. I have always heard that you only have a few seconds to keep someone at your site. I will verify this as a truth.  

A couple of the sites ask you to watch for 30 seconds and pay $.001 for each. They also have some that are 10-20 seconds long and pay $.0001-.0005 per ad. One of the sites pays out cash. The other two allow you to turn pay credits into advertising credits. ClixSense was the first site I used. They send you ads each day to watch. 2 -5 a day and pay a penny or less to watch them. The have a handy tool bar that keeps track of your balance and lets you know when you have new ads. 

You can in turn exchange your pay credits for advertising credits (at an exchange rate of 80%). You can then “advertise” your site in the same fashion as the ads you are paid to view. I exchanged 70 or so credits into 60 advertising credits. My ad was viewed 55 times. My site received 55 hits.

So far, Blogger has been a very good place to start. They have tons of tools and help right at your fingertips. Since they track traffic it was easy to see the impact of the advertising I paid for. Here is the graph showing the spike in views.

You can also see smaller spikes from other sources I am experimenting with to drive traffic. ClixSense delivers what they promised, they got traffic to the site.

Do me a favor and click on the ads and links (ClixSense, for sure) on this page. I am not asking you to make a purchase, I am interested in seeing the data from the visit. All my Affiliates offer statistical data. Like I mentioned before, this is an attempt to create a long term source of part-time income. Remember, all these ads are there to provide income from affiliate marketing.  I will continue to use the sites that make money and replace those that do not, therefore I need those numbers.

If you spend some time (no, just a couple of hours) you will be able to find ways to create small amounts of income from internet marketing. Using the new information I am collecting I will be finding more ways to drive traffic to my blog and affiliate ads. I will be moving this blog to a new website of my own. I will still post at this site as well. The new site is a couple of weeks out.