Today, I will start to delve into each site I use and why I continue to use them. The first sight is ClixSense

ClixSense is a site that offers to pay people to view internet advertising or businesses can advertise their website. As you will see right away, the ads placed by the “advertisers” are the same ads viewed by the “viewers”. It is s surprisingly short rotation of the same “advertisers”.

From a “viewing” aspect you are paid to view an “advertisement” from and “advertiser”. I use quotes because they are not truly advertisements or advertisers. They are webpages linking you to other websites or products. So, it is like a 30 second “in your face” sales pitch.

These are normally one page “splash” pages. They vary from containing a single URL to videos, music and flashing lights. It doesn’t take long to get “jaded” and you stop really looking at the sites. You will get something new once in a while but for the most part it is the same ads in rotation.

You are paid from $.0001 to $.001 for each ad viewed. Depending on the length of time the advertiser paid for, anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. Like I said in an earlier blog, I open three or four of these types of sites and skip from one to the next as the ads run.

The pros are it is really simple to do. I sit in front of the T.V. in my easy chair and click through ads as I watch the news. The con is you don’t make any real money by yourself. They decide how many ads you are allowed to watch per day. In 3 weeks I have made $1.072. I will turn that money into ad credits.

The other side of the site is for advertisers. You as a business owner can advertise your business to thousands of views each day. The site has thousands of people viewing ads, your ads are seen by those viewers. You pay for each time someone views your splash page, hopefully they click a link on that page back to your website.

The pros are you can have your site viewed thousands of times a day for less than pennies a hit. The con is the sites are viewed by guys like me. The only thing I am looking for is internet marketing tools. If you don’t have one that catches my eye in the first 3 or 4 seconds, I have moved on.

The underlying program involves referrals and referral credits. You are allowed to refer other people to use ClixSense just like you do. This is my referral link If someone uses that link and signs up for the program they then become your down line. You receive credits for money they earn at the site. Anyone they refer to the program becomes part of your down line. The formula is called MLM or Pyramid or upside down pyramid or many other names.

In the formula you refer 2 people to the program ( 2 down line). They in turn each sponsor 2 people (you now have 2 + 4 new down line). Those 4 new down line each sponsor 2 people (you then have 2+4+8=14 down line) and it keeps multiplying from there. So, then all of you are clicking ads and it is credited to you.

Building down line takes time and effort. Unless you know 2 people, who know 2 people, who know 2 people that want to make $0.10 a day. You will need to convince strangers to see the big picture like you do. The other issue is longevity. You have to keep them in the program. Good Luck.

ClixSense is not a scam. It is limited as a money maker. It is definitely not going to make you money overnight while you sleep. So why do I keep using it? First it is really easy, to me it is about as hard as picking up a penny off the floor. You pick it up and throw it in a jar. Second, I can buy ad credits. I have actually had pretty decent traffic from my ad posted at EasyHits4U Hopefully, I can get the same from ClixSense.

I will use my ad credits and put my splash page in the rotation. My splash page is a little different than most since it is a link to a review blog. If you have any questions, I have added a forum page to this site. You can post questions or recommend website you would like reviewed. Next time NeoBux