Hello again,

I took some time yesterday to stop and look back over the last 4 to 5 weeks. I had my wife look over the numbers and we discussed where this might be headed. If you recall, this is a discussion I avoided at the outset of this project.

I was able to show her money coming in, without money going out. The converstaion went so well we are looking to get her started in some sort of internet marketing program so in the next couple of years she can be here own boss. When “Momma” is happy, everybody is happy.

The other thing I did was take a trip to the library. I went to look specifically for a book on Search Engine Optimazation (SEO). They did not have a copy available. So I perused the marketing section and found a couple of the “For Dummies” books.

I have never cared for the name (I do not believe anyone is a “dummy”), but I find the books are very easy to “digest”. Meaning, it is formatted in a way that allows you to easily retain the information. The format is much like a good blog. Very short concise paragraphs (modules), lots of icons to emphasise important features and warnings about pitfalls.

One of the books “Home based business for Dummies” is a good “read” if you are still unsure about getting started in internet marketing. Although it doesn't touch on internet marketing that much (it was written in 2000) it has some great information about starting any type of home based business.

What I liked the most was the “Are you ready to make a move” checklist. If you sit down and truthfully assess your needs and motivations this will help you define your path. It also explains many other home based business opportunities that are available.

What it does not do, is show you how to makes those plans a reality. That is why I am developing this blog. My intent is to help you “make it happen” by providing the information, tools and support you need to get started, with out investing a lot of wasted money, time and effort.

Here is my checklist:

     1. How strong is your drive to succeed in your own home based business?

  1. Are you ready to work as hard or harder than you have ever worked before?

  1. Do you like the idea of controlling your own work instead of having someone else control it for you?

  1. Have you developed a strong support network?

  1. Do you have a plan for making the transition to a home based business?

  1. Do you have enough money saved to tide you over while you get your business off the ground, do you have the tools you need?

  1. How strong is your self image (do you believe you can succeed)?

  1. Do you have support of your significant other?

  1. Can you start your home based business while still at your current job (if you have one)?

  1. What will you tell your friends and family, when they ask why you stated a home based business?

Take a minute to answer these questions, truthfully. Answering no to a question does not mean you are not ready to get started. Just make sure you are prepared to address the no, so it does not stand in your way.

Try to remember there are many, many sources of free information when it comes to starting a home-based business. The internet, your local library, free local small-business functions. Try and use all the free resources available.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR forum to post questions or request a review of a site or you can e-mail me direct at ewahr2011@ yahoo.com


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