I would like to continue the affiliate marketing partner discussion today with a review of OfferVault and CPA/DNA.

As you dig into OfferVault a little deeper you will see the offers listed are actually listed with other affiliate marketing networks. Although you might like an affiliate marketing partner listed at OfferVault you will still have to get the advertising through another site.

With that being said, OfferVault is more of a search engine to find affiliate marketing partners but you still have to make contact with another affiliate marketing network such as CPA/DNA.

CPA/DNA is much like Commission Junction. They differ in the affiliate partners they represent. Like CJ you will have to apply to each affiliate marketing partner to participate in their program.

What’s nice about both CJ and CPA/DNA is you don’t have to fill out anything to apply to a company. You just click a button and your site information is then forwarded to the affiliate partner. Many companies okay you application instantly, others may take a day or two.

I added another page to this site (Free and Trial Offers) and put up banners from CPA/DNA. The new page will have free offers and trial offers.  Even though the offers are free for consumers, you as (an advertiser) are still paid a commission for leads or sales.

The banner advertising is available for you to use free of charge. There are numerous advertising tools for each affiliate marketing partner. Tools include HTML or Java banner code, text link code, email copy, search engines, tool bars and so on.

CPA/DNA seems to offer more styles of marketing options than CJ. CPA/DNA also offers an array of tools and tracking reports for you to use at no charge. These are very handy and show you graphically what is happening at your site.

The easiest way to see if advertising works is to track how many people actually visit (tracked as an impression) the banners website (or text code or whatever marketing tools you may be using). If people are visiting the site advertised then you are half way home.

The second half of that equation is targeting the advertising to customers who are ready to purchase. Lookers are great but you are trying to create a profitable home based business. My vision with this site is to provide not only information but also provide useful tools for a home based business.

Prepaid debit cards, Yahoo affiliate program, Amazon aStores, Amazon Affiliates, Outright.com, Amazon wireless, AVG Technologies, National pen Promotional Products and so on are provided as useful tools for an online home based business.

Like I have said in the past I am a big believer in prepaid debit cards for use online. I will transfer only the money I need to the card. If I have money deposited to the card I transfer that to my business account right away.

So, if my card number is stolen or I lose my card it is not tied to my personal bank accounts. Since rates and such vary I advertise more than one provider for you to choose from.

The same goes for Amazon Affiliates and Yahoo affiliates. If you are looking to get started in internet marketing Amazon and Yahoo make it very, very easy. Everything thing you need to start an online business is available from Amazon and Yahoo. Websites, products, advertising, statistical tools and training are all provided in one place.

Outright.com offers online accounting services that rival Quickbooks. I am lucky enough to have a wife with an accounting and business background. If I did not have that resource available, I would definitely be looking for an accountant. If I can do that from the comfort of my home even better.

National Pen Promotional Products is also offered as a tool to get your websites name out there. People are curious by nature. The web makes it easy for any individual access to information to feed that curiosity.

If I see a web address that sounds interesting to me, I take a look. It costs me nothing but a minute of my time to check it out. If I don’t like or need it I can leave with no one the wiser. But if by chance I find something interesting, your advertising efforts have paid off. Get your websites name in front of people, every chance you get.

AVG Technologies offers (in my opinion) the best free anti-virus program available. Since I receive a huge amount of un-solicited email, it is a must for me. Even though I rarely get any malicious viruses I am confident AVG will filter them when I do. Anyone who goes online should have a minimum of AVG’s free anti-virus.

My next blog will be a discussion of article marketing.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR forum to post questions or request a review of a site. You can also email me directly at ewahr2011@yahoo.com