Today’s topic will be affiliate marketing partners. I have blogged before about my affiliate marketing partners and why I use them. Now I will talk discuss why you should use them.

As I am sure you recall my intent is to create long term part-time income. The blog and the websites are the foundation for that plan.

One of the first good articles I found about affiliate marketing showed me the worth and potential of advertising on a website. Unlike an Amazon or Yahoo online store where you are paid a small advertising fee for each transaction, affiliate marketing partners pay a commission for either sales or leads.

Some of the commissions are very substantial. There are also hundreds (probably 10’s of thousands) of affiliate marketing opportunities. Commission Junction alone has thousands (literally) of affiliate marketing partners to choose from.  Ranging from accessories (hand bags, shoes etc.) to Travel (airfare, hotels, cruises) and everything in between.

If you have decided on your niche market, you will need to find relevant affiliate marketing partners. Advertising Banners and text links are provided by the affiliate partner. All you need is a place to put HTML or Java code and you’re in business.

You are required to have a functioning website and not all affiliate marketing partners will accept your application. I have only been rejected by a couple of very large companies. Some will review your site for traffic and relevance before accepting your application.

Commission Junction makes the application process very simple (one click). The advertising is also very easily accessed and current. You will have more options for advertising code then you will ever be able to use.

Many of Commission Junction’s affiliate marketing partners run sales and promotions (like free business card pens) and/or extra incentive plans for marketers (you). I have also signed on with Clickbank, OfferVault and CPA/DNA who are also affiliate marketing partner “brokers”.

You can read my blog about Click bank here. OfferVault and CPA/DNA are new to me. Offer Vault is somewhere between CJ and Clickbank as far as affiliate partners go. They offer partnerships from an extremely wide variety of companies.

Were CJ is more main stream OfferVault is a little left of center. Not all major brand name companies (a few but not like CJ) and things as off the wall as advertising for a class action Paxil lawsuit. The commission is $550 per lead qualified lead.

Here is a very good video explaining OfferVault.

If your blog is about medical lawsuits with drug companies or where to finds the best attorney, then they have an affiliate marketing partner for you.

CPA/DNA affiliate marketing partners are a little different. From what I have seen so far a portion of the marketing partners offer free trails (a free 30 day trail of Direct Buy) or free samples (Zantac, Snuggle). They do have some mainstream partners like Teleflora and 1-800 Flowers. I will be adding advertising from both in the next few days. I do have advertising up for a few new affiliate marketing partners.

National Pen Promotional Products, eBillme (an alternative to PayPal), (affordable online accounting services), Russell Simmons Rush Card and Silver Prepaid Master Card (if you don’t want a prepaid Visa card) and iNet Video ($5 DVDs) are my newest partners.

Again I am trying to keep the affiliate marketing partners relevant to the websites. But I also want to add a few fun ones to the mix.

National Pen Promotional Products has a campaign running now that offers a free business card pen. This is a great offer for consumers. One the other side of the relationship marketers (like me) receive $1.00 for each pen they give away. Win,Win. You get a free pen with your business card copy on it and I get a buck.

Commissions vary widely so you will have to explore each one. Some like Russell Simmons Rush Card pays $6 for each application accepted (acceptance is guaranteed). offers an online alternative to Quickbooks and pays marketers $25 for each new online customer.

One of the cool perks is the fact the companies (affiliate marketing partners) keep track of the point of origin for up to 45 days (in some cases) via “cookies”. If a customer uses your banner or text link to access a site, they will credit all transactions from that customer to you for the next 45 days, no matter how they get there.

This again is all used as the foundation for a long term business model. Based on number of impressions I have received thus far I am confident overtime they will create income. And remember these affiliate marketing partnerships cost zero dollars to use. You can also market these partners and their products on other online sale sights like Craigslist, and Kijiji (ebay classifieds).

 I highly recommend affiliate marketing at your website.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR forum to post questions or request a review of a site. You can also email me directly at