Now the blog site is up and running smoothly I can spend some time working on other sites to market my affiliate markting partners. Even though this site is showing signs of steady growth, I still want to be as diverse as possible.

Diversity- differing from one another. Keep in mind we are trying to find a niche market for each site. Besides narrowing focus, a niche market also lowers the number of interested parties. Multiple websites allows reaching more than one niche market.

The second format I chose to use is the forum style site. Over the past couple of years I have spent some time in a half dozen or so forums. For the most part the posters are friendly and helpful while other sites are full of elitests who are never wrong and belittle those who disagree.

Regardless of the mood of the site, every one I have visited sees a fair amount of traffic. They are also a good place to sell. Many of the postings are from people looking for advice to make a purchase. This is a great opportunity to get your products in front of a ready to buy audience.

Since I am a musician I built a music related forum. I also have a love for inexpensive equipment that does the job. Most budding musicians start out on entry level equipment. But, when you visit some of these forums the elite do nothing but tell you you have a piece of junk and you should buy something else.

My site Poppy's Cheap Gear Forum and Review caters to the entry level musician and their budget. Musicians can discuss their equipment and ask questions from other members. I also review a different piece of equipment each month and invite members to post reviews.

It will also be used to market products. Some of the affiliate marketing partners I have, were chosen specifically for the the forum. While partners like AVG, Yahoo Affiliates, and Vision Premier Prepaid Visa are affiliate partners offering products to home based business owners. Store, Nerdy Shirts, Fretlight Guitars, Riff Master Pro, Jamorama and Poppy's Guitar Zone are all music or musician related.

I am targeting the niche market made up of musicians, young and old, who buy entry level equipment. Like any good affiliate marketer I will promote those partners in my blog articles.

Now onto the construction of the new site. I had such good luck with Yola as my webhost for the blog. It made sense to build other sites there as well.

It wasn't obvious to me at first, that you could use Yola to create a forum. I contacted Customer Service and I got an answer the next day. Every time I have sent a message to C.S. I have received a response back very quickly.

Yola makes it very easy with a widget (a small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user) from The widget does all the work. You simply drag it where you want it, drop it and does the rest.

I added other pages for banner links and reviews, but it took me no more than an hour to complete the site. I actually spent more time findning the picture I used on the home page, than any other function in setting up the site.

Now the site is up and I have affiliate marketing partners to advertise at the site, I will need to drive traffic to the site. I have already started posting the site on Craigslist and received a few visitors and 2 members. Next, I will start to visit other forums to spread the word.

I wrote another guest blog at It is about making the decision to blog. Make sure you visit Dan's site. He is working very hard to provide help and information for those who have been out of work for 99 weeks or more.

Like always, join and follow the blog, click the banners and text links to start making money. You can use the EWAHR Forum to post questions or request a review of a site or, you can e-mail me directly at ewahr2011@